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Less is more when it comes to packing for tropical climates, but when it comes to packing for a winter holiday every item you add to your checklist can make the difference between a fun-filled snowy vacay and a soggy, chilly one. Before you jet off to the winter wonderland of your dreams, check out our ultimate snow holiday packing checklist to make sure your holiday experience is every bit as magical as you imagined it to be.

1. Warm clothing

Winter weather calls for thicker layers and thermal clothing to keep the chills away. If you’re also planning on going skiing or snowboarding during your trip, remember to bring along waterproof clothing as melted snow can quickly seep into layers and compromise the warmth of your inner layers of clothing. Instead of packing plenty of bulky clothing that will undoubtedly eat up your baggage space, consider layering up with thermal shirts and leggings that can be layered under a sweater or jacket. Don’t forget to include versatile shoes that will hold up well in snowy weather in your packing list such as lined boots that will keep you looking stylish and feeling warm. If you really have to bring along bulky layers and you’re wondering what to do about them taking up precious baggage space, try using compression bags instead to pack more efficiently and free up space. When travelling to snowy destinations, it’s also a good idea to bring along warm gloves, a scarf, warm headwear such as a comfy beanie or ear muffs, high socks, ski apparel and sunglasses for enjoying those bright wintery days. For more packing tips, check out our guide on everything you need to know about snow holidays at Club Med.

2. Toiletries

When thinking about what toiletries to pack for a holiday, the typical suspects include sunscreen and our usual skincare items, but when it comes to a winter holiday that includes a ski trip up the snowy slopes, a full spectrum sunblock, moisturiser and lip balm are must-haves. It’s advisable to also add your usual pain medication to your packing list in the event of falls or an adverse reaction to the cold weather that might ruin your travel plans. Aside from that, you won’t really have to pack too much as Club Med’s all-inclusive holiday packages will cover everything else when it comes to the basics such as bath amenities.

3. Equipment

If snowboarding and skiing were on your winter holiday itinerary, then you’ll probably be wondering how you’ll be able to tote along all your snow gear with you. With Club Med’s all-inclusive snow holiday packages, you won’t have to worry about procuring these items before your trip. Club Med’s snow resorts offer ski and snowboard equipment rentals which supplies winter holiday essentials such as skis, snowboards, ski poles, boots and helmets. Even if you’re not keen on going skiing or snowboarding, Club Med has plenty of other snow sports to keep you entertained that won’t require you to invest in special equipment before you arrive.

4. Other essentials

Now that you’ve got all the travel essentials down, it’s time to think about the miscellaneous essentials that you might need to bring that packing lists never remind you about. Make sure you bring along your charger and a power bank as well to ensure your devices are always powered up so you won’t miss taking that amazing shot of the scenery or of your kid’s first ski trip. And while you’re out and about on the slopes, don’t forget to pack a waterproof sports backpack for everyone to ensure personal belongings stay dry and safe throughout your snowy romps as well as some hand and foot warmers to prevent chilly extremities from cutting the fun short.

Being kitted out appropriately may sound like a lot of work, but here's the good news: with Club Med's all-inclusive snow holidays, your packing checklist is all you'll have to worry about! Setting up your holiday plans before you go is one way to reduce the hassle upon arrival, and that’s why Club Med has our Facilitate Your Arrival service to ensure it’s all a breeze from the moment you book to the time you walk in for your stay. Explore our range of all-inclusive snow and ski holidays today and embark on the most spectacular snowy escapade of your life this holiday!

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