Easy Arrival

Save time and enjoy your vacation as soon as you arrive!

Imagine everything being ready for you upon arrival and having nothing to do besides enjoying your vacation from the very first moment. Whether you set out for a sunny or a snowy holiday, the Easy Arrival service allows you to calmly prepare your family’s arrival and to fully enjoy your vacation once you are there. From signing up your child(ren) to our Childcare Services to booking your ski equipment, everything will be ready for you as soon as you get to the Resort!

Discover the Easy Arrival service

Sit back and relax, we will take care of everything!

You dreamed of it, Club Med made it happen! Thanks to the Easy Arrival service, now available in all the European Mountain Resorts, you can enjoy the pleasure of winter sports from the very first moment. No more queuing to pick up your equipment or book your ski and snowboard lessons or sign your child(ren) up to the Baby Club Med®, Petit Club Med® or Mini Club Med®. All you need to do is register your preferences online and the G.Os® will make sure everything is ready before your arrival. So all you have to do is enjoy your vacation.

How to use the Easy Arrival service

A hassle-free arrival is just a few clicks away!

To fill in the form(s), log in to your Member Space to:

- Register your details for your ski or snowboard equipment
- Book ski or snowboard lessons for each family member according to their level
- Provide details needed for childcare: language, contact number, etc.
- Open your Club Med account online
- Fill out your bank information to be able to pay your extra expenses at Club Med (SPA, Shop) automatically on your departure day
You will receive an email informing you about the service availability:

- 30 days before your departure for Great Members Turquoise
- 40 days before your departure for Great Members Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The service is available up to three days before your arrival, allowing the G.Os® to best prepare your stay.

Everything is ready when you arrive!

Sign in to your Member Space

Upon your arrival

It is pure bliss!

  • Go to the reception desk to pick up your room key and all practical details for your stay.

  • If you booked ski or snowboard equipment, it is already waiting for you. Please do not forget to try it on and to sign the receipt as soon as you arrive! For any questions, please go to the Easy Arrival desk. To try on the children’s equipment, head to the Mini Club!

  • If you booked ski or snowboard lessons, you will find your ski school ticket in your Welcome Booklet. All you will need to do is visit the ESF (French Ski School) board in order to check the lessons’ timetable and you will be ready to hit the slopes!

  • If you signed your children up for Baby Club Med®, Petit Club Med® or Mini Club Med®, please meet the managers as soon as you arrive in order to learn about your children’s proposed activities and finalize their registration.

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