10 tips for family half-term skiing

Make the most of February on the slopes with our exclusive guide

Half-term skiing makes a fantastic family holiday. It’s high season in February and snow conditions are optimal so more runs are open, there’s plenty to do on and off the slopes and there’s a fantastic atmosphere around the ski stations. To make sure you have the best possible holiday, here are ten simple tips.

1. Do your research

February half-term is going to be busy, so research your ski domain in advance. Find out the best runs suited to your family needs and other activities, as well as directions on how to get there, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday when you arrive. It could save you precious ski time if you know the best routes.

2. Book everything early

Skiing in February is hugely popular, not just for UK skiers but from all over Europe, so there’s a risk that some family rooms, resorts and chalets with shorter transfers times may be booked up if you wait until the last moment. Make sure you reserve everything in advance, from skis and boots to tables at your favourite restaurants. The more you book early, the less stress you’ll have on your holiday and the more chance of picking up a bargain.

3. Go all-inclusive

If you’re concerned about spending money during your holiday and just want to relax without worrying about the price of food and drinks for the family, plus the ski expenses of equipment hire, lift passes and ski/snowboarding lessons, you should consider going all-inclusive. You may pay more as an initial outlay, but it could be worth it when you add up what you’d spend in the domain.

4. Have a dry run

Whether it’s your family’s first time on the slopes or you’re all Olympic standard, it’s worth booking a few sessions at your local indoor ski slope for a pre-holiday warm-up. So you can practice your skiing and snowboarding technique before you hit the real slopes.

5. Check you’ve packed everything – twice

Ski clothing can be expensive in the domains so make sure you don’t forget to pack everything you need to keep you warm and dry on the slopes. Gloves, hats, socks, neckwarmers, all have a habit of being left behind. Oh, and pack fleece layers – lots of them.

6. Be organised

You may not be a compulsive organiser during normal life, but it’s worth sticking to a routine when on a half-term skiing holiday. Save yourself hours of searching for lift passes by keeping them firmly attached to your jackets or inside your pocket, and minimise complaints by drying out ski socks and gloves the night before.