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Sowing the seeds towards global sustainable tourism

For more than 60 years, sustainability has been part of the Club Med DNA. Throughout our history, we’ve forged a strong belief: the moments of happiness we offer to our guests are to be shared; they cannot be experienced at the expense of others or of nature.

That’s why we’re making sure that our development reflects what we know today as sustainable development: our resorts blend in harmoniously in their exceptional sites, we’re being extremely vigilant with energy efficiency, saving, treating and recycling our water, promoting renewable energy sources, controlling the water treatment and recycling techniques…

Our ambition: to continue to show the way towards a more sustainable tourism, which means a more desirable tourism.


Currently 74% of our resorts worldwide have been awarded “Green Globe Certified” for Sustainable Tourism, including Club Med Bali, Club Med Cherating Beach, Club Med Phuket, and many more!

The “Green Globe Certification” is the highest and most thoroughly tested standard of responsible -tourism; an annual review of sustainable practices across all aspects of business from training and recruiting staff, to food and energy wastage, resort construction and biodiversity preservation, including the preservation of local culture of the surrounding communities.

100% of our All-Inclusive resorts in Asia are Green Globe certified. Our aim is to have all of our resorts certified in the near future.


We’re progressively eradicating single-use plastic items from all our resorts worldwide, to reduce our footprint and keep the ocean clean.

Did you know that out of the 8 million tonnes of plastics dumped in the ocean each year, more than half comes from Asia?

Therefore we’ve removed all single use plastic items (eg, straws, cups, cutlery, containers etc) at our bars and restaurants. At Club Med Phuket alone, we’ve already seen a decrease of approximately 1,000 straws per day!

Since 2020, amenities are only provided upon request in order to reduce waste. Plastic-free items will be available in all Asia resorts from 2022.

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