Exclusive Collection is Club Med’s luxury line

Over the span of 70 years, Club Med has perfected an art of living rooted in freedom, the quest for authenticity and an openness to the world.

Drawing on this heritage, we have offered our own reinterpretation of luxury standards. As such, our Exclusive Collection puts everything on the table to give you the freest time of your life.

Luxury today requires a perfect blend of ingredients: top-quality service, attention to the smallest details and most importantly, emotions, sensations, and unforgettable experiences at the most exclusive getaways.

But what is an open interpretation of luxury to us, in just a few words?

It’s about enjoying every moment in the most beautiful locations on the planet, free from all constraints and with peace of mind. It’s creating shared memories with your loved ones at the best luxury family resorts, chalet-apartments, and private villas in the world, surrounded by stunning nature. And finally, it’s about letting go of your daily worries for an escape of a lifetime.

Club Med Exclusive Collection strengths

The most beautiful places in the world

Privacy for you and your loved ones

Festive or intimate atmosphere

Dedicated teams and a concierge service

Refined attentions

Family luxury

Highest level of services, privacy and intimacy for you and your loved ones

4 ways to discover Club Med Exclusive Collection

Villas & Chalets

The privacy of their own space, personal service, and access to all activities and services of Club Med all-inclusive resorts.

The legendary French sailing yacht

Club Med 2 is reinventing the all-inclusive holiday experience and brings together refinement, elegance and a festive spirit.

All of the most beautiful places in the world featured in a single collection

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