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Escapades into snowy landscapes offer the promise of adventure and relaxation, and if you hail from a tropical country then it's an undeniable fact that the wintery magic of a snow-covered backdrop can be all too enticing during those hot holiday months. For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience the magic of winter, there are many destinations around the world that cater to winter adventure seekers. Need some inspiration on which snowy slopes and chilly sights to traverse for your upcoming holidays? Check out our top destinations for winter adventures right here!

Asian Mountains

Picturesque peaks and drier, lighter powder snow make the Asian mountains a wonderfully forgiving snow destination for those newer to snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Due to the gentler slopes and smaller vertical drops, the terrain also tends to be easier for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. At Club Med’s snow resorts, you’ll not only be able to rent your gear so you won’t have to lug your heavy equipment throughout your travels, you’ll also have access to lessons to show you the ropes to getting on your first piste!


If you’re a snow seeker and an avid fan of Japan’s culinary delights and culture, then Hokkaido is perfect for you. While Japan may be known for its breathtaking cherry blossom season in spring, winter brings its own share of magical moments with light and fluffy powder snow, onsen baths, and light festivals. Home to peaks with some of the highest-quality powder snow, Hokkaido turns into a winter wonderland from late November to March. With a multitude of slopes for skiers of all levels, it’s the perfect ski trip destination for families with younger children or amateur skiers as well. Not a fan of skiing or snowboarding? Fret not, at Club Med Japan’s all-inclusive ski and snow resorts, there’s plenty of other things to see and activities to do both indoors and outdoors such as horseback riding through a snowy landscape, snowshoeing, ice fishing and outdoor hot baths to chase the chills away.

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If the sight of the magnificent Chinese mountain ranges are more your cup of tea, perhaps Club Med’s Chinese ski and snow resorts will be the location for you and your family. Aside from pristine snowy slopes that are perfect for all manner of winter sports, you can also opt to luxuriate and unwind with more relaxing activities such as taking a traditional Chinese herbal bath or enjoying the benefits of the mineral infused waters in the indoor hot spring. Our snow resorts here don’t just serve up the freshest local cuisine either, but we also have a diverse variety of Korean specialties as well as Ginseng dishes to warm you up from the inside. While a ski trip may be your main purpose, our snow resorts offer plenty of other things to do that won’t require you to be outdoors all the time such as tackling our indoor climbing wall, relaxing in an outdoor Canadian bath, workshops and simply getting cosy with a hot chocolate with marshmallows and admiring the view of ancient pine tree forests bedecked in a gorgeous powdering of crystalline snow.

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European Alps

Where the Asian mountains are gentle and easy on first-time skiers and snowboarders, the European alps bring the exciting addition of more rugged terrain. Often described as immense and extreme, the natural beauty of the alps as well as its more challenging trails make it one of the most popular places to go skiing and snowboarding, particularly for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. But if you simply want to enjoy a romantic time up in the mountains, you can also take your pick from our long list of non-ski activities before you hit the slopes (or not), immerse yourself in the best of local gourmet offerings and simply let go!


France has a reputation as the undisputed champion of the world of skiing, and the scenic peaks of the French Alps are undoubtedly a huge reason why it is one of the most popular European winter holiday destinations in the world. With slopes of up to 3,000m high, some of the steepest and most challenging ski slopes in the world, the alps has plenty of thrills in store for advanced skiers and snowboarders looking for more places with expert-level terrain to go skiing and snowboarding. With lovely French alpine towns nearby to explore, breath-taking scenery and delicious French cuisine to enjoy, Club Med’s resorts in the French Alps are perfect for vacations with family and friends.

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The Swiss Alps, while equally challenging, are also known for its unrivalled natural beauty, making it ideal for a romantic trip even if you’re not looking for places to go skiing. And of course, no visit to Switzerland would be complete without trying out local cultures and cuisines such as yodelling, rosti and fondue. Whether you’re there to conquer the slopes or relax amidst the chilly beauty of the Swiss Alps, you definitely shouldn’t pass up the chance to savour some delicious Swiss chocolates and cheeses!

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While the Italian Alps is included in the European Alps line-up and boasts the same stunning views as the Swiss Alps, most of its slopes are not as extreme as the ones you’ll find in Switzerland. However, Italy still has some rather intense runs, so it offers a good balance for those looking for both family-friendly slopes and challenging pistes. And after you’ve tired yourself out in the snow, remember to dive right in and explore our gourmet menu and array of delightfully hearty Italian mountain cuisine to complete the experience!

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At Club Med’s ski resorts, you’ll also be able to ski-in and ski-out without having to endure long walks with heavy boots while carrying heavy skis or snowboards. Designed with your convenience in mind, our resorts also have on-site ski hire shops that offer different ranges of ski and snowboard equipment for your level and preference, from standard to expert skier or boarder. Just don’t forget to check out our guide on how to choose your ski and snowboard equipment before you make your way to the shop to rent your gear!

Club Med's snow resorts offer a range of packages that cater to a variety of interests and budgets, making it an excellent choice for those looking to plan a winter getaway. From the breathtaking snowy peaks of France to the magical winter wonderland of the Japanese Alps, there are endless possibilities for snow-filled adventures. Plus, if you’re looking for a kid-friendly winter holiday that’s packed with fun things to do for kids of all ages, our Snow Club Med Amazing Family! Programme has just the thing for you with a curated list of activities that are perfect for the whole family. So, get ready to book your holiday, pack your bags and head out for an unforgettable winter escape with Club Med's snow resorts!

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