Malaysia, 14 November 2023 - Club Med, the Premium All-Inclusive operator and worldwide leader for all-inclusive snow holidays, has introduced Malaysia's inaugural snow holiday report. This report, based on responses from 511 individuals in Malaysia, highlights essential observations and factors shaping snow vacations. In collaboration with market research expert Dynata, our 2023 Malaysia report outlines the characteristics of snow holiday enthusiasts and the primary factors motivating their choices.​

Key Findings

❅ 27% Malaysians went on snow holidays in the past 5 years​

❅ Snow holiday goers in Malaysia are sightly younger than the average respondents at 39years old (38% between 25-34 years old), affluent (51% earn more than 18k MYR/household/month and most of them already have kids​

❅ Malaysians are snow explorers and their top destination is… Switzerland​

❅ 85% of Malaysians find an all-inclusive approach more efficient than planning a DIY trip ​

❅ Interest goes beyond winter as 34% express interest for summer mountain holidays

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Malaysians are familiar with snow holidays​

One in three Malaysians has previously enjoyed snow holidays, indicating a familiarity with mountain destinations. Typically opting for week-long vacations (4–10 days), Malaysians see snow holidays as comprehensive experiences. They value the beauty of snowscapes, ranking it higher than the Asia-Pacific average by 7 points. Snow vacations are viewed as an opportunity to engage in various snow-related activities, partake in winter festivals, create lasting memories, explore local cultures, and escape the heat, surpassing the APAC average by 12 points.​

While the serene beauty of snowscapes remains the primary motivation, Malaysians are also enthusiastic about discovering new destinations, cultures, and lifestyles. Their interests extend to relaxation at spas and saunas, travel photography, and engaging in snow adventures like snowmobiling, ranking 15 points higher than the APAC average.​

Beyond snow holidays, there is significant potential for future mountain activities, with 34% of Malaysians expressing openness to summer mountain vacations.​

Malaysians are snow explorers and all inclusive lovers​

Malaysians exhibit a strong interest in snow holidays and are adept at seamless trip organization. Their #1 preferred location is located outside Asian borders as it’s … Switzerland! The other top 5 are Japan, South Korea, Canada, and China, offering a well-balanced mix of regional and international destinations. When planning, Malaysians prioritize rational factors such as a destination's range of activities (66%), budget-friendly activity choices (59%), and the ability to enjoy both relaxation and active pursuits (57%). The majority (72%) prefer staying in resorts, aligning with their top three considerations.​

Given the organization involved in snow holidays, including booking ski lessons, passes, and equipment, a remarkable 85% of Malaysians find an all-inclusive approach more efficient than planning a DIY trip. This not only reduces the risk of poorly planned trips (83%) but also provides better value for money (83%). Furthermore, 86% see all-inclusive packages as an opportunity to explore a destination thoroughly by trying various activities.​

As family-oriented travelers, convenience and engagement for children are paramount for Malaysians. Hence, the presence of a kids' club during their snow holiday is deemed "absolutely essential" to "very important" by a significant majority.​

Malaysians are driven by novelty and bucket-listing in winter sports​

Malaysians show a strong interest in winter sports, with 62% drawn to the novelty and 39% including it in their bucket list, reflecting a trendy and adventurous spirit, particularly compared to other Asia-Pacific respondents. A significant 57% express a genuine love for the excitement offered by winter sports.​

In terms of skiing and snowboarding, 60% of snow holiday goers have experience, with 9% being advanced and 41% intermediate, indicating a high level of proficiency and suggesting repeat visits. Malaysians start learning skiing early, with 54% believing the ideal age is 4 to 10 years old. This is reinforced by 95% of Malaysian families willing to invest in indoor ski lessons for their children, emphasizing skiing as a skill encouraged by parents.​

Considering these factors, the snow holiday trend looks promising, as 56% of those who experienced a snow holiday in the last five years express a strong willingness to return within the next two years.

Club Med Builds Regional & Global Ski Resort Leadership​

Club Med is solidifying its position as a leader in mountain destinations, boasting over 25 ski resorts across 5 countries. Fueled by ambitious growth plans, Club Med aims to meet the increasing global and regional demand for snow holidays and innovative mountain experiences. Building on the recent launch of Club Med Kiroro Peak in December 2022 and the upcoming unveiling of Club Med Kiroro Grand in December 2023, Club Med is strategically expanding its resort portfolio in the Asia Pacific region. This expansion positions Club Med as the premier ski operator in Hokkaido, affirming its commitment to providing unparalleled mountain getaways.​

In Europe, Club Med offers more than 17 snow resorts, including one nestled in the enchanting ski domain of Val d’Isere, distinguished as the first Exclusive Collection ski resort. Looking ahead, Club Med is set to broaden its presence by introducing, among others, a new resort in Utah, North America, further enhancing its global footprint in the realm of snow holidays.​