Club Med Green Week is BACK

30 June – 6 July 2022

Green Week returns to our Asia Pacific resorts this year for a second edition as part of our sustainable vision for our planet.

Go green at Club Med with 7 days of green activities to raise awareness on sustainability and local development across our Asia Pacific destinations.

Schedule is subject to changes in Bali and Kabira.

Day 1 – Jump back into NATURE

Get ready to kick off Club Med Green Week with a day of activities dedicated to nature.

Plant a tree and be part of larger efforts to restore local greenery for the future
Mini Club: plant seedlings with the young ones and kickstart your kids’ first environmental sustainability journey
● Let your kids embark on a Nature Leaf Treasure Hunt with our G.Os as they explore the local flora and fauna in Kabira. Bring home a nature activity book as a take-home souvenir to treasure for a lifetime
● Go on an Amazing Family! digital treasure hunt to learn about the local culture, history and biodiversity of your destination - Bali, Cherating, Guilin

Day 2 – Our ZERO FOOD WASTE agenda

Help reach our zero food waste goal with engaging activities using leftover food waste.

● Learn how to limit food waste using leftover food waste and peelings by participating in cooking demonstrations and bar workshops
Learn from our F&B chefs on our food waste management practices at our cooking demonstrations - Kani, Phuket, Bintan, Guilin

Day 3 – Live the ‘WILD’LIFE

Get dressed in floral print and learn about local biodiversity across our diverse destinations.

● Learn how to create local animal arts and crafts using upcycled material
● Discover local flora and fauna as you embark on a nature walk with our G.Os around our resorts
● Discover how to make your own sustainable soap and learn how soap affects marine life at our turtle conservation workshop - Cherating
Release baby bamboo sharks* and learn about local bamboo shark preservation efforts at our new Bamboo Shark Nursery in partnership with Oceans For All - Phuket
Visit a sea turtle hatchery* where you can collect turtle eggs and even experience releasing turtle hatchlings into the sea - Bintan
● Help preserve local marine diversity by planting corals as part of coral restoration efforts in the Maldives - Kani
● Participate in onsite workshops in partnership with Ezo-rock as you learn about forest preservation in Hokkaido - Tomamu

Day 4 – Bye bye PLASTICS

Reduce the impact of plastic waste at our local destinations.

● Participate in beach and mountain clean ups to preserve the local ecosystem
● Take part in a quiz about plastic waste and learn about the impact of single-use plastics on the environment
● Participate in a speech by Parley, and learn about their ongoing projects on marine life preservation, including the recycling of plastics from Club Med - Kani

Day 5 – Stand in SOLIDARITY

Stand in solidarity with local communities and support local development efforts.

● Join our Worldwide Snacks emblematic event with La Fondation and learn more about the initiative.
Fundraising events for:
Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, a NGO that restores depleted wild populations of critically endangered turtles in Malaysia - Cherating
Chura House Association, an organisation acting for the personal development and autonomy of people with disabilities - Kabira
World Vision Foundation of Thailand, a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to helping needy children, families and communities - Phuket
Scholars of Sustenance (SOS), an organisation that fights against undernourishment by redistributing food to people in need - Bali
Shanghai Rende Foundation's Spring Willow Project, which is dedicated to providing sex education and support for teenage girls in China's rural areas - Club Med resorts in China

Day 6 – Preserve LOCAL CULTURE

Dress in Asian elegance as you immerse in local culture and support local products.

● Whip up a feast and learn about the local ingredients used in local cooking in our cooking classes and local food corner
● Discover local culture and products as you explore local markets at select destinations
● Support local artisans and sustainable products by purchasing local and organic products at our Boutique
● Immerse in unique Japanese culture as you watch Okinawa dance performances in Kabira
● Be mesmerised by our Thai Show as you celebrate Thai culture on Thailand Day - Phuket
● Enjoy a day dedicated to Balinese culture with Balinese dance performances and Bali cuisine on Balinese Day - Bali

Day 7 – AND AFTER? Work towards the future

The future of our planet starts with us. Make the pledge to work towards the change we want to see in the world.

● Plant your wishes for the future of our planet on our Wish Tree and take the first steps towards creating a planet for everyone

Go green in these resorts

Your 7 days of green activities begin here

Learn more about sustainability at Club Med here


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