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A stress-free vacation plan is everyone's goal, but life can sometimes be unpredictable. Before you head off to the idyllic holiday destination of your dreams, here are some tips on how to travel smarter during the holidays and fully maximise your time off!

Book travel tickets and accommodations in advance

If you’re travelling with your partner, family or friends, coordinate your schedules and start putting down your booking for travel tickets and accommodations in advance. This avoids the dreaded holiday rush for tickets and bookings, helps you score the best resort packages, and prevents any unwanted last-minute surprises.

If all that sounds like a hassle, let Club Med do the planning for you! With Club Med’s all-inclusive holidays, all you have to do is pick the location of your choice and we’ll handle everything else from booking your flights for you to providing the best accommodation, dining and childcare for a holiday experience like no other. For those planning a getaway with family, browsing through our all-inclusive family holidays packages and deals will certainly help you structure your holiday better, particularly if you have little ones. However, if a destination for two is what you’d prefer, perhaps taking a look at our list of romantic holiday destinations will give you some inspiration!

Plan your itinerary

Regardless of whether you’re heading off on your solo vacation, jet-setting off with your beloved or travelling with family and friends, planning your itinerary for the trip is always a good idea. Not only will you be able to allocate enough time for all the fun activities you have planned, you’ll definitely have no post-vacation regrets from missing out on an experience. Remember to be flexible with your plans and incorporate some downtime in between activities so you won’t return more exhausted after your vacation.

With Club Med’s plethora of sporting activities comprising land sports to water sports and other forms of day and night entertainment, you’ll find something for everyone.Club Med even has special activities specially tailored for little ones. Our Mini Club Med + is ready to make the travel experience better not just for the kiddos, but to give their parents and guardians peace of mind so everyone can enjoy the vacation they deserve.

Pack light and wisely

Making a packing list is a well-known tip when it comes to travelling smart. Pack appropriate clothes for the activities you intend to take part in and make a list you can stick to so that you have everything, and to make sure you won’t misplace them during your trip.

Most resorts and hotels will provide basic necessities when it comes to bathroom basics, but if you’re travelling with children or elders, do bring necessities such as baby items and medications or mobility devices for elderly travellers. At Club Med, we provide amenities and facilities such as ramps for wheelchair accessibility and mobility-accessible rooms, baby equipment, feeding rooms and even babysitting services. For more information on how Club Med can help lighten your baggage and worries when it comes to travelling with little ones, check out our advice and tips on travelling with a baby as well as our family holiday packages and deals.

Enjoy the finer things

No resort experience would be complete without the finer things in life. Enjoy a wide array of local and international cuisines prepared by internationally trained chefs. At Club Med, you’ll be feasting like royalty throughout your stay with the spread we have to offer. Once you’re done with your gourmet adventure, unwind with a relaxing spa experience that’s sure to ease your mind and body in an instant.

Be flexible but be prepared

Travelling during the holidays can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to be flexible and prepared in the event of any unexpected emergencies. To ensure your vacation is as stress-free as possible, consider purchasing travel insurance and bring along necessary medications especially if you or any of your travelling companions have allergies or medical conditions. As more travellers are beginning to venture out again post-pandemic, bringing along your sanitisers and masks would be advisable too. Here at Club Med, you can book your holidays with confidence as we’re committed to protecting our guests with our updated medical assistance coverage which now includes COVID-19 medical assistance coverage.

Hiccups while planning your holidays or travelling are inevitable but you don't have to let them ruin your plans. Give yourself and others some grace while travelling to minimise stress and maximise your holiday experience. Ready to jet set off on your next holiday adventure now that you know how to curate your vacation plans for maximum relaxation? Don't wait, start checking out Club Med's amazing getaway packages now and book yours early to avoid disappointment!

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