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Travelling with children can be both a delight and a challenge, especially when considering the mile-long packing lists, potential interrupted schedules and mood swings due to being away from their normal routines. If you’re feeling frustrated and wondering how to make travelling with kids easier, don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your worries. Just search the internet and you’ll find plenty of resources giving out tips for travelling with the whole family especially when babies and toddlers are involved. While it might initially seem daunting, it's definitely achievable with a little forethought. If you have holiday plans on the horizon and you’ve been wondering how to make travelling with kids easier, here are some tips for travelling with kids that will keep your sanity intact and the little ones happy:

1. Plan ahead

Before jetting off on your family vacation, it’s important to plan ahead. Take into consideration the travel time and remember to schedule breaks for your child along the way if possible. A good tip to keep the transition from travelling to arrival smooth is to remember to book childcare necessities such as a baby crib and feeding necessities for your hotel room in advance, so you’ll save yourself the headache of setting up and juggling a possibly fretful baby when you arrive. It’s also advisable to check out which resorts are kid-friendly resorts that are equipped to accommodate families travelling with little ones ⁠— and that means more than just providing the basic necessities of a crib and feeding essentials. Family-friendly resorts such as Club Med’s range of kid-friendly resorts will have plenty of activities for children as well as childcare services, so here’s a tip: remember to book beforehand and your travel plans should be smooth sailing!

2. Keep them comfortable and entertained

Children tend to stick closely to routines as it makes them feel safe and secure. One of the most common tips for travelling with kids is to bring along some of their favourite comfort items such as a favourite toy, blanket, book or even games. However, once you arrive at Club Med, you can rest assured that we have a wide range of age-appropriate activities and entertainment to keep them engaged throughout their stay with us. At Club Med, our family-friendly resorts offer an assortment of activities under our Mini Club Med+ and Baby Club Med programmes to keep your little ones entertained throughout the day. Come night time, parents can also opt to head out for a fun night without worries thanks to our Pyjamas Club babysitting service.

3. Supply their favourite snacks and drinks

Travelling can be a long and tiring process, hence keeping some of your child’s favourite snacks or drinks on hand is always a good idea. Aside from giving them the comforting familiarity of home, it may also help keep them occupied and full so they won’t get cranky from being hungry or thirsty. If you’re worried about the availability of baby- and kid-friendly foods once you arrive, fret not because you’ll find all you need for your little one’s dining plans with our Club Med for Toddlers amenities. Club Med offers three solutions to baby mealtimes with The Baby-Corner which features an assorted buffet of sweet and savoury child-friendly foods, The Baby Restaurant that will whip up delicious and balanced meals for kiddos of all ages, and The “Biberonneries” where you’ll find all you need to prepare your baby’s meals on your own.

4. Take it slow and stay calm

It's important to remember that travelling with children can be stressful, but it's essential to stay calm and patient throughout the journey because your child will be taking their cues from you too. If you want to do away with the hassle of planning out your entire family vacation, consider booking one of our many all-inclusive family vacation packages instead. We’ll take care of everything from keeping your tiniest of family members happy to ensuring you get the rest you deserve too. After all, a family vacation is meant for making joyful memories as a family rather than making logistic decisions.

Travelling with your little one has many benefits. You'll get to introduce them to new sights and broaden their horizons all while spending quality time together as family. So instead of worrying about carting around luggage or wondering if your little one will be able to adjust to a new environment, leave the nitty gritty details to us and focus on creating new memories with your kiddos. Check out what Club Med has in store for you and your family with our New Club Med Amazing Family! Programme and all-inclusive family holidays, and get ready for a family vacation to remember!

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