The quiet town of Cherating may not have many retail establishments for you to go to, but it does have a few quaint places with personality for you to visit on your getaway. One popular Cherating food establishment is the Ombok Cherating surf cafe, which is usually on every tourist’s “what to eat in Cherating” list. This is thanks to these amazing reasons which we will detail here.

Why is Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe Such a Popular Cherating Food Place?

The Ombok Cherating surf cafe is a charming hipster cafe that is located close to the beach and run by experienced surfers. The owner is a kind and friendly person that treats every guest well, as mentioned by many previous patrons in online reviews. This appears to be the main pull of this Cherating cafe besides its food. From the outside, the place looks like a wooden shack, but on the inside, it has a unique rustic appearance that is perfect for taking pictures in, whether it is pictures of you, the food, or the ambience. The reggae music that plays in the background while you eat and chat only adds to the place’s charm.

Ombok Cherating is proud of being an eco-friendly cafe, so patrons won’t see any plastic straws here. Ingredients are also locally sourced here whenever possible, reducing the carbon footprint of your meal. Some of the interior decorations are made of recycled items too! Next to the Ombok Cherating surf cafe is the Ombok Cherating Surf School, where you can learn how to ride the waves especially if you come in the off-season; a good skill to learn if you’d like to add another water sport to your repertoire!

What to Eat in Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe

Ombok Cherating became very popular due to their breakfast dishes, especially their English breakfast sets, fried rice, and filling sandwiches. These dishes are not served all day long, so don’t worry if you’re not an early riser. Another speciality of theirs is good coffee and amazing smoothies, so it’s a good place to hang out in to quench your thirst (or caffeine withdrawal) during your Cherating beach getaway. Their mango cheesecake is a hit among patrons too, so that’s worth trying while you’re there as well. If you’re health-conscious, don’t worry because there are plenty of delicious, fresh salads listed on the menu that you can order to keep calories down but still satisfy your palate.

Other Great Cherating Food Options

Besides Ombok Cherating, there are a number of seafood restaurants you can go to in the area for nice Cherating food. However, if you don’t want the hassle of going elsewhere for your meal, we recommend that you book an all-inclusive stay at our Club Med Cherating Beach resort. Besides accommodation, all-day dining and drinks are included in the price you pay, so you won’t have to hunt for food elsewhere. We have three onsite restaurants you can choose from, namely The Mutiara, The Rembulan, and The Noodle Bar. The first offers a buffet setting, the second an intimate, quiet ala-carte order setting, and the last is a unique offering where you can watch chefs cook handmade noodles in various Asian styles in front of you. So, you’ll always have a different experience depending on which onsite restaurant you visit for each meal!

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