Thanks to the clean beaches and waters, Cherating is among Malaysia's prime travel destinations. And Club Med Cherating Beach prides itself with providing a variety of activities for guests to partake in. At our resort, you can relax by lounging by the pool or beach, or hang out at the open bar with your choice of refreshment. Or, you can have a more exciting time on the water with some water sports.

Guests at our resort have access to our clean beach and all the water sports equipment needed for a good time in the water. If you're curious about Club Med Cherating's water activities, read on below to learn more.


We are one of the few resorts in the country to offer sailing to our guests. This sport for aspiring adventurers will have you feeling like a real sailor when you cast off into the sea. If you have no experience sailing, don't worry as we provide regular sailing lessons. You'll learn how to recognise and harness the winds, safely manoeuvre the boat and control your speed with the help of our experienced team.

In just a few days, you'll be able to sail on your own or in a team and explore the sea around Cherating. We use Hobie Cat 15 catamarans which is a small catamaran class suitable for use in sports. It's light and nimble to manoeuvre making it a great choice for beginners. Children as young as eight years old can sail in a catamaran when accompanied by an adult, so you can even take your kids on a fun sea adventure.


If maneuvering a catamaran sounds too technical and you just want some simple fun on the water, you can try kayaking right in front of the resort. It's one of the most popular water activities at Club Med Cherating Beach thanks to how laidback and accessible it is. However, with the right techniques, you can still zoom through the water if that's what you want.

If kayaking is new to you, our staff can help show you the ropes and get you used to it. And within just a few minutes, you should be off on your own or with friends. Kayaking is available to all guests, with children being required to have adult company.

Stand-Up Paddle

The stand-up paddle is a big surfboard designed to be stable with a user standing on it, so you can even stand on it while not in motion. Compared to the modern surfboard, a stand-up paddleboard is wider and longer, making it great for beginners. Having some of the calmest waters in Malaysia, the Cherating Club Med beach is a great place to learn stand-up paddleboarding. You can wade through the water alone or with a friend, or if you have the balance and skill, even speed through the water like a regular surfboard. The best thing about a stand-up paddleboard though, is you don't need big waves to have fun.

Best Time For Water Sports in Cherating

Being on the east coast of Malaysia, Cherating generally has good weather all year round. It's sunny, hot, and humid most of the time, allowing outdoor activities to be possible most of the time. The monsoon season runs between November and March, so the best time be outdoors would be during the dry season. However, being on the east coast, Cherating tends to be drier than destinations on the west coast. So be rest assured that you'll be able to enjoy some time in the sun with exciting Club Med Cherating activities no matter when you visit.

Cherating has so much to offer besides an idyllic beach. At our resort, you can have a wholesome vacation with exciting water sports, tailored excursions, and even be rejuvenated at our wellness spa. So wait no more, book a stay at Club Med Cherating Beach!

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