There are three things that make a great vacation: good food, a good hotel, and plenty of activities. Cherating Beach can offer you an amazingly relaxing and fun vacation with all those elements, especially if you come with your entire family. Whether it’s just two of you or 20, there are several things you can add to your itinerary for a memorable and happy trip.

Cherating Beach Activities That Are Fun For All Ages

Staying close to the beach in Cherating is a good idea because there’s plenty of water activities you can do on the beach itself. Be it kayaking, paddling, swimming, snorkelling, surfing, or other water activities, it’s likely you’ll be able to enjoy it on Cherating Beach. However, if you are keen to enjoy all the water sports and want to bring young children along, it’s best to avoid coming to Cherating during the monsoon season.

Besides lounging around and enjoying water activities at Cherating Beach, two other activities you should add to your itinerary is the mangrove river tour and firefly tour. Both these activities happen at the same location, but the firefly tour happens at night. In the daytime, enjoy cruising down Cherating mangrove river with your loved ones and learning about the plants and animals around you. At night, be prepared to have your breath taken away at the sight of hundreds of fireflies shining their light brightly on the banks of the river.

The last thing that you simply must add to your list of Cherating Beach activities for the whole family is visiting the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. This is located right next to Club Med Cherating Beach hotel and is a conservation centre for different turtle species to have a fighting chance against extinction. Here, you can learn more about the turtles and why conservation efforts are necessary, and you can also sign up for activities such as releasing turtle hatchlings to sea, watching mother turtles lay eggs, and watching turtles hatch and make their way to the sea from the sand. Enjoyable for both kids and grown-ups!

Family-Friendly Activities Around Cherating Beach

If you want to venture a little further away from your Cherating Beach hotel, then there are several other activities you can add to your family’s itinerary. These activities include:
Visiting the various historical attractions at Kuantan town, and observing how batik is made at the factory there
Visit Sungai Lembing town and mines to learn more about the interesting history of that area
Go to Kemamam and visit attractions such as the mini zoo and popular night market
Swim to your heart’s content at Sungai Pandan Waterfall and Berkelah Falls
Go hiking at Bukit Pelindung and Bukit Panorama

As is quite obvious, there are so many things you can do during your Cherating getaway, so don’t worry about anyone in your party feeling bored. All the activities above are great for some quality bonding time too, and there’s a mix of strenuous and non-strenuous activities so that you don’t feel too exhausted during your trip.

The Best Beach Resort in Kuantan, Malaysia : Club Med Cherating Beach

If you’re looking for a convenient hotel on Cherating Beach that will provide all your basic holiday needs, then it’s hard to beat Club Med Cherating Beach. Our all-inclusive package means you can have access to our top-notch onsite restaurants any time you feel famished, get a comfortable room to rest in, and also get access to a variety of land and water activities which you can do together with your loved ones. We also have on-demand or included childcare services, depending on the age of the kids below 18 in your group. So, for absolute fun and convenience for the whole family, be sure to stay at Club Med Cherating Beach during your trip!

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