Skiing for beginners

Get all the information you need to prepare for your very first ski holiday

If you’ve just booked or are thinking of booking your first ever skiing or snowboarding holiday, there might be a chance you’re feeling a little apprehensive – and that’s absolutely fine.

Sure, gliding down a slippery mountain strapped to a board or two does sound a little daunting. Trust us though - in practice skiing is huge amounts of fun and is easier than you might think. And like most things in life, it’s made even easier with a little forward planning. Follow our guide on skiing for beginners to make your first foray onto the slopes as fun as possible.

Try it first & get to the right place

Overcome Your Fear

Unless you are an experienced skiier, let’s face it: you will end up falling if you’re doing it for the first time. A tip we can give you is to manage your expectations. This will help you prepare yourself mentally and not get stressed out when you’re up on the slopes. The key is to always tell yourself that ‘falling’ is part of the fun of learning!

The right place for little beginners

If you are taking your little kids along for your ski holiday, Club Med is the best place to be. The resort includes an internationally certified ski trainer that will assist your children with lessons and ensure they are in safe hands so you can enjoy your holiday worry-free!

The right place for beginners of all ages

Just like the kids, Club Med also provides on-ground ski lessons for all ages with a great variety of slopes for you to begin with.

Additionally, our resort in Sahoro Hokkaido, Japan has newly added an indoor ski simulator that is perfect for beginners!

Get kitted out

Be prepared for the cold and wet

Our packing list below has everything you’ll need. It is important to note that Club Med packages do not include ski gears and you will have to pack your own.

As a beginner, you will end up sitting in snow quite often and we would like to ensure you pick practicality over style. Get a comfortable, warm and waterproof ski jacket and stock up on ski socks and gloves.

Your packing list:

Rent Your Equipment

Guests will not have to worry about bringing along any ski equipment during your ski holiday as we provide a ski equipment rental service at the resort.

Our dedicated staff at the resort will ensure you head out with the right gear. At Club Med, we carry only the best brands and all equipment is rented out and stored right at the resort to make your holiday more convenient.

Ski Equipment FAQ

Get fit

Prepare your body for your ski holiday

While skiing and snowboarding might look fun, it is good to note that it is also a sport and your experience will be a lot easier if you are in shape.

Preparing your body with cardio such as jogging, running and swimming will help you stay on the slopes longer.

Get lessons

Professional instructors take care of you

As a first timer, you’re going to need help from a professional to learn the basics. Thankfully, ski school is included in your Club Med holiday. Watching tutorials online can help you before you get there, but there’s no substitute for being out on a real slope, guided by a ski instructor. Club Med ski and snowboarding schools run from Mondays to Fridays, starting at 9am, breaking for lunch and then heading out again in the afternoon. Lessons cater for everyone from beginners to black runs, so you can keep learning as your skills progress.

If you’re a parent who’s taking children for the first time, we’d recommend sending them to ski school so that they start off learning from accredited instructors. Our internationally qualified ski and snowboard instructors will give your children a fantastic introduction to snow sports. They will quickly develop good skiing or boarding techniques in a safe and fun learning environment.

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