Reach to the top with these hiking tips for exploring the Land of the Rising Sun

Hiking in Japan is really a wonderful experience; its landscape comprising mountain ranges covered with vast forests and volcanoes and peaks that are sometimes draped in a mysterious haze, make the journey all the more impactful and fulfilling for those seeking to rise and thrive in Japan’s natural wonders.

The Daisetsuzan Natural Park: a hike in the wilderness

Hikers who desire to explore the unusual countryside when hiking in Japan will be amazed by the natural features of the Daisetsuzan Natural Park. This pristine natural space has dozens of volcanoes and is surrounded by numerous waterfalls and green plains, covered with alpine flowers in spring. During this season, the site is adorned with more than a thousand colours, given that some 200 different species grow on the premises.

Go on a trip of self-discovery to the Omote Daisetsuzan zone, the top destination for hiking in Japan. This area has about fifteen volcanic mountain peaks reaching altitudes of up to 2,300 m. The highest peak is called the "Roof of Hokkaido" because it is the dominant feature of the island’s landscape. There are several possibilities: hiking towards Mount Kuro will take you to an altitude of more than 2,000 m, covered in clouds and adorned with wild flowers. Challenge yourself to this expedition that’ll take you to great peaks higher than you’ve ever reached before.

Did you know?

As the biggest national park in Japan, Daisetsuzan has its own native fauna and flora. Go and discover the famous Blakiston owl, one of the biggest in the world! It can reach a height of 70 cm. The indigenous people of this Japanese island consider this animal - which is unique in the world - to be sacred. It is considered to be the god who protects this vast region.

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