Club Med is launching a new brand campaign with a powerful tagline: That's l'Esprit Libre.

L'Esprit Libre represents those moments when we finally feel on vacation, disconnecting from the worries and mental burden of everyday life to fully embrace the present moment.

When you get up, only to lie down elsewhere.

When the only laundry you hang, is your swimsuit over a chair’s armrest.

When you’re so laid-back, you can’t remember when you last wore shoes.

When you’re so completely carefree, the only thing on your mind is a sun hat.

Discover the backstage

This campaign was created by 180 Agency, based in Amsterdam, collaborating with the director Jules Renault and the photographer Ronan Gallagher.

Together, they pay a heartfelt tribute to Club Med's origins, which emerged as a necessity in post-war Europe, and pursue a refreshing creative shift.

Finally, That’s L'Esprit Libre campaign represents a gift of well-deserved peace of mind and a chance to embrace a new way of living full of freshness, freedom, and elegance.

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