Bali, Indonesia—Tourists love this island for its carefree vibe, beautiful beaches, and friendly hospitality. There's no shortage of accommodation and places to visit whether you're a backpacker or luxury traveller, making it an ideal destination for everyone. With only two seasons—hot and wet—Bali is a pretty straightforward destination to pack for. So if you have your Bali travel itinerary all set, let's take a look at what you should pack for your holiday.

Bag To Pack Your Stuff In

Packing the right kind of luggage is important to ensure a comfortable trip in Bali, especially if you plan to stay in multiple hotels, or if you're an aspiring digital nomad with plenty of gadgets. Here are some luggage options you can consider:

Carry-on sized travel backpack: a large backpack is extremely convenient as you can fit pretty much everything you need for a short trip (up to two weeks) including light clothes, flip-flops, toiletries, and more.

Roller suitcase: a small roller suitcase is a great carry-on that you can pair with a small backpack, and it's small enough to be allowed as a carry-on on most flights. The wheels on the suitcase make it easy to lug around a lot of luggage.

Shoe, toiletry, and laundry bag: use smaller bags to separate your shoes, toiletry, and laundry so your other belongings don't get soiled.


It's hot all year-round in Indonesia, as is in Bali, so be sure to pack clothes that are lightweight and breathable. You can wear t-shirts, singlets, or tank tops for casual outings to the beach or for shopping. If you plan to have nice dinners, you can bring a casual button-down shirt for men, or a nice lightweight dress for the ladies. Bali is a laidback tropical island, so just bring clothes that you're comfortable in. However, if you plan on visiting temples, be sure to have clothes that cover your shoulders and knees.


Just like tops, you should bring lightweight and breathable bottoms like boardshorts, skirts, and chino shorts. You'll probably be outdoors and on your feet a lot, so it's best to leave the jeans at home. Also, don't forget your bathing suit.

Go for materials like cotton, linen, or rayon that are good for hot weather. There are plenty of quick-drying materials in the market that are designed to wick moisture away and keep you cool, so you can wear them while swimming and then resume your other activities with no problems. For visits to temples, bring clothes that cover your knees. Alternatively, you can buy sarongs in Bali, though most temples do lend them out to visitors as well.


No matter what's on your Bali travel itinerary, bringing the right footwear is essential. A pair of flip-flops is good enough if you plan to spend your days on the beach, and some comfortable sandals will do for clubbing and travelling around Bali. However, if you're going to hike on a jungle or mountain trail, better pack a pair of lightweight trail shoes. For the ladies, it's better to leave the high heels behind, unless you're planning to have a really fancy dinner at one of Bali's luxury hotels.

Other Items

Besides clothes, there are plenty of useful items you should pack for your stay in Bali. Here's a list of them:

Travel power adapter: Bali, and Indonesia generally use 230V plugs with round pins like most of Europe. So make sure you have the right power adapter to avoid your electronics running out of juice.

Hat and sunscreen: Bali is a hot and sunny country, so make sure you pack a suitable hat and sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned.

Reusable water bottle: Though you can buy drinking water bottles, why not do your part for the environment and bring a reusable water bottle? Most hotels provide water refill stations, so you don't need to spend on bottled water.

Waterproof phone case: Most travellers bring their phones with them on boat rides and even when they swim. Keep your phone in a waterproof case so you can always have it with you.

Any medicine you need: Remember to bring any medicine you need whether it be allergy medications or something for a cold. Also, bring along some mosquito repellant.

You don't have to pack heavy to enjoy your time in Bali. As a laid back destination, you only need a few essentials like some lightweight clothes, swimwear, and your smartphone to capture the memories. So pack wisely and have a Bali good time!

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