Visiting a night market in Phuket is an experience to be had for every visitor to the island. They are often packed with everything you need in one convenient spot: souvenirs, great food and enjoyable performances all though the night.

Best of all, Phuket’s night market scene is incredibly diverse so there is bound to be something for everyone, whether you are shopping for vintage items, knock-offs, authentic street food, local jewelry or simply just to bask in the vibrant chatters and lights.

Here is a list of top five Phuket night markets as well as some general tips to make the most out of your shopping in Phuket:

1. Sunday Walking Street Market

Where: Thalang Rd
When: Sun 4-10 pm

This is the most popular night market in Phuket as it is located in the historical Thalang Road and amidst vintage buildings in Phuket Town. The locals call this “Lard Yai” or big market, given its size. It is also the perfect market to visit if you are looking for an instaworthy spot that is packed with good food and souvenirs. If you happen to be in Phuket on a Sunday, pay this market a visit to experience the amalgamation of old and new for yourself!

Tips: Try the horseshoe crab for something different, snack on Khanom (traditional Thai sweets) and browse the huge selection of unique T-shirts and local handicrafts.

2. Phuket Weekend Night Market

Where: Opposite Naka Temple
When: Sat & Sun 4-9 pm

Arguably the biggest amongst all Phuket night markets, this weekend night market or also known as Naka Market by the locals is reminiscent of the massive Chatuchak market in Bangkok. It is frequented by both tourists and locals from all parts of Thailand given its variety and range of items. Here you can find clothes, souvenirs, secondhand items, as well as a broad range of food from local Thai cuisine to Western and ethnic foods. Basically, whatever you could possibly want in a market, chances are you’ll find it here!

Tips: Given the size of this market, try to get there early and plan to spend at least an hour or two here. The crowd can get overwhelming so do spend some time to unwind and enjoy the food and cold beer to fully appreciate the sights and sounds!

3. Chillva Market

Where: Ratsada
When: Everyday except Sun, 5-9 pm

Based on its namesake, Chillva Market caters more to the young and hip crowd of Phuket. Not only is this market stylish, it has a hippy vibe by cleverly using shipping containers as shopfronts. This Phuket night market attracts not only droves of Thai teenagers, but anyone who is looking for a more modern fare and stylish local brands that are not easily found in the other markets.

Tips: Unlike the larger markets, you can easily explore Chillva in less than an hour so get there in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze while you browse instead! If you’re feeling adventurous, there are also fried bugs for sale here.

4. Bangla Night Market

Where: Patong Beach
When: Daily 6 pm-1 am

If you are up for a night of music and drinks, this is the place to be at in Phuket. Located in Patong, this market is loud and brightly-lit with flashing neon lights. There are also a broad range of clothing and accessories s