There's no shortage of beautiful holiday destinations in Malaysia; from the cool, temperate highlands to the fun, sunny beaches. As far as seaside destinations go, Cherating is one of the best in the country not only because of its strategic location on the East coast where you can see turtle landings, but also thanks to Club Med Cherating's passion in providing the best holiday experience to guests, including offering fun activities on Club Med Cherating's Beach

At Club Med, we believe in providing everything our guests need so they can just focus on relaxing and having fun. To learn more about our all-inclusive resort, continue reading about all that we have to offer below.

What is Club Med's All-Inclusive Holiday Philosophy

The Club Med all-inclusive holiday deals are available at all our resorts including Cherating. That means that we provide everything you need during your holiday including luxury accommodation, all-day dining, on-demand activities, and many other amenities. Keep in mind that these are all included in the cost of your booking, so you wouldn't need to spend more money during your stay with us, with the exception of some activities that have additional costs.

Premium Accommodation

Looking out over the South China Sea, Club Med Cherating has 15 three-storey buildings with 240 rooms between them. Our premium accommodations are built with local design influences, on stilts and with teak wood. This takes advantage of the local tropical climate and keeps the rooms cool throughout the day. The style gives you the feel of being on an island paradise, which is exactly what you want on your holiday.

Gourmet Dining

If your idea of an ideal holiday is relaxing and feasting on local and international cuisine, then you won't need to wonder what to do in Cherating. We have three restaurants with specialising in buffet and à la carte dining, and even a noodle bar providing fresh, handmade noodles. To complete your holiday, we have three open bars that can whip up any beverage you like from refreshing fruit juices to cocktails to sip by the pool.

Non-Stop Entertainment for the Whole Family

With all the activities and entertainment on offer at our resort, we assure you that you and your family won't run out of things to do here. You can choose to take a dip in the pool, watch turtles just by Club Med Cherating beach, go for a nature walk at the nearby forest, or get pampered at the spa. We also have numerous excursions to attractions around Cherating that we can easily arrange for you.

You can even leave your kids at our childcare service while you take your time to relax with a rejuvenating spa massage. Our childcare services include Baby Club Med, a safe daycare for children up to 23 months old, a Baby Welcome kit with everything you need to make your stay with your child a comfortable one, and other on-demand activities.

We Provide Everything You Need for a Dream Holiday

As a premium all-inclusive resort, we strive to provide everything you need on your holiday. Besides delicious meals and exceptional service, we have all the equipment you'll need to take part in the activities and sports we offer. You just need to pack your essentials and suitable clothes, and we'll cover the rest. We can arrange free transfers if necessary.

Value for Money Premium Holiday

Staying at Club Med Cherating is excellent value for money when you consider our premium rooms and suites, all-day dining, open bar, free activities, and exciting excursions. With everything we have to offer, you won't need to leave the resort, or wonder what to do on your holiday in Cherating. Now that's what we call an all-inclusive premium holiday!