Gain More Valuable Experience When Travelling to Phuket With Club Med

At Club Med Phuket, we believe that holidays should be relaxing and effortless - right from the moment you leave your home… That is why at Club Med Phuket, we promise an All-Inclusive holiday like no other. No matter which Resort you travel to, all of your needs will be catered for as it’s all-included: the experiences, discoveries, services, and little touches that make Club Med Phuket simply unique. From world-class gourmet food to fully qualified childcare staff, mixologists in our bars, and fantastic accommodation, you can be assured that we go above and beyond to give you the most comprehensive all-inclusive holiday in the world. If you are not yet convinced to book with us, read on for 7 reasons you must stay at Club Med when travelling Phuket:

1. Value for Money

It is well-known that choosing an all-inclusive holiday package can save you a lot of money. If you add up the cost of each night of accommodation; the cost of meals throughout each day; snacks and drinks throughout the day; specialty sundowners as well as the multitude of activities that you will want to participate in each day to ensure that you have the best holiday experience, you are likely to find that all-Inclusive holidays offer a much better deal for you, and offer unbelievable value for money if you make the most of them.

By choosing an all-Inclusive holiday with us at Club Med Phuket, it is without a doubt that you will be able to save money. With Club Med, there’s no need to compare prices for flights and accommodation, as with us, you can be assured that you will get the best deal.

2. Stress-Free

At Club Med, we believe providing you with an easy and hassle-free experience is the surest way to create fantastic family memories. As well as your holiday being all-inclusive, and all planning being done for you, Club Med Phuket also offers a number of services to provide support and assistance for families while on holidays, such as: child care, kids’ clubs and all-inclusive cuisine to suit all of your dietary needs.

  • Child Care: At Club Med Phuket we appreciate family time but we also promote the opportunity for parents to have some quality time together while on holidays.That is why at Club Med Phuket, you can avail of the highest quality child care upon request.

  • Kids’ Club: Every day at Club Med Phuket Kids’ Club is an adventure, as your little ones get the opportunity to have fun, marvel and explore… all under the watchful eye of our professional G.Os®. The Mini Club Med® experience adapts both to your childrens' ages and to their continuously developing personalities. Divided into three age groups (4-5 years, 6-7 years, and 8-10 years), kids will explore activities organised by the G.Os® each day according to a programme featuring four themes: sports, creativity, expression, and games.

  • Organised activities: Flying trapeze, introduction to golf, cooking classes, plastic arts, music, dance, games, discovering nature, shows...Club Med Phuket has it all. All of the activities on offer at Mini Club Med® are included in your all-inclusive package, once again reducing the risk of planning activities to suit each individual family member.

  • Food: Club Med Phuket also provides all inclusive cuisine to suit all of your dietary needs. There is no need to stress about your children being picky eaters while on holiday, as with the buffet-style meals provided at Club Med Phuket, there is sure to be something to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

3. There is something for Everyone

One of the hardest parts of planning a holiday, especially if it’s for the whole family, is choosing activities that will cater to everyone’s individual interests. By booking with us, you can let those worries fade away as at Club Med Phuket we offer something for everyone. From nightly entertainment to sports and activities throughout the day and childcare facilities to entertain the kids while giving the parents time to relax, get pampered or enjoy the spa services - you will not be disappointed.

Whether you choose an all-inclusive holiday for the down time, the entertainment, because you’re on a budget or all of the above, staying at Club Med Phuket is sure to be the perfect choice for couples and families alike, also allowing you to discover some of the beauty of Phuket.

4. Prime Location

Club Med Phuket is located in the beautiful Kata, Phuket, with the resort overlooking the pristine and popular Kata beach. This is a fantastic location for both couples and families, with many activities on offer not just within the resort but in the local area also. Immerse yourself into the beauty of Thai culture, socialise with the locals and realise why Thailand is called, “The Land of Smiles”.

5. Family-Tailored Accommodation

At Club Med Phuket, the accommodation is modern and superbly located with resorts having been designed with family in mind. When staying at Club Med Phuket, you can opt for inter-connected family rooms for your own convenience. You can also be assured that security is always of high quality at our all-inclusive resorts with the inclusion of security staff, and resorts often having gated areas, to ensure the highest levels of security for you, your family and your possessions.

In addition to the inter-connected family rooms are the babysitting services available upon request, again, highlighting how family-life is at the centre of Club Med Phuket’s approach.

6. Day and Night Entertainment

Club Med Phuket goes above and beyond to ensure that you experience the holiday of your dreams. From beach activities and water sports activities throughout the day to enjoying evening entertainment including live bands, kids / family shows, DJ sets / music and acrobatic performances, we are sure that every member of the family will have a smile on their face.

7. Sustainable Tourism

Club Med is a major advocate for sustainable tourism. From the design of our resorts to our determination to remove single-use plastic from them, Club Med are making sure that our development respects our environment, our guests and local communities. Club Med holds the strong belief that its members' moments of happiness cannot be shared at the expense of others or of nature.

For a truly complete and stress-free Phuket getaway, the best thing you can do is to book an all-inclusive stay at our Club Med Phuket resort. Not only are all the activities above (and many more) an option with our excursions, but you will also get very comfortable accommodation, a multitude of water sports and land sports you can engage in, all-day dining and beverages, and the hospitality of our well-trained staff members from around the globe. Your relaxation and satisfaction are important to us, so you can be assured to have a good, fulfilling trip to beautiful Phuket.

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