For those arriving in Bali with more of a free and easy itinerary in mind, there are so many places that can be explored on this Indonesian island. However, those who come with a restricted budget may not be able to see as much; that being said, it’s not to say that there are no choices. Here are 7 free things to do in Bali if you’d rather keep your money for other expenditures!

Visiting Bukit Teletubbies in Kubutambahan

Grew up watching the Teletubbies jumping around on beautiful green hills on the TV? Then visit Bukit Teletubbies to bring back that memory while surrounding yourself with green hills, just like in the TV show. The scenery here is calming and peaceful, and you can even take photos with some huge Teletubbies statues to commemorate the trip. The best part is you don’t need to pay a cent to trek up the hills, and if you have a Bali free and easy itinerary, you can spend as much time as you want here.

Take Gorgeous Pictures at Desa Temukus

Instagram addicts must definitely visit Desa Temukus, which is famed for its marigold field. The field is used to grow flowers used for worship, but you can go in once you ask for permission. The sea of yellow flowers looks good in just about any photograph and makes it seem like you went to some faraway hidden corner of the world rather than a tourist attraction. This Bali free thing to do however is best visited before harvest season to see the field in total full bloom, so time your visit accordingly if possible. There’s also a Kasna flower field a few kilometres away, where you can take pictures surrounded by white snowy flowers.

Educate Yourself on Turtle Conservation at Kuta Beach

Head on over to the Balawista lifeguard tower, beside which you will find the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Centre. It’s a known fact that sea turtles, especially the Olive Ridley turtles targeted by the centre, are slowly but surely going extinct, so conservation centres are needed to rescue the eggs laid and protect them from predators. A trip here won’t take very long as it’s not a big centre, but it’s a good way to kill some time before visiting other spots in Kuta for your Bali free and easy itinerary. If you are willing to spend a small bit of money, you can give a donation in order to get a chance to release a baby turtle to sea yourself.

Hike Up Mount Lempuyang

Hiking up any mountain in Bali is generally free, but for the more challenging ones like Mount Agung and Batukaru, you would need not just good stamina but also a special permit. A good alternative that’s less of a hassle and easier to climb is Mount Lempuyang, which also allows you to visit the ancient temple that is scattered on its slopes, and take a picture at the famed Heaven’s Gate. Be warned though that there is a huge number of steps, nearly 2,000, that need to be climbed if you want to hike all the way to the top and see all the temple structures.

Go Trekking at Campuhan Ridge Walk

One of the better known free things to do in Bali, Campuhan Ridge Walk is a relatively easier trekking option that does not require as much stamina as hiking up mountains. This nature walk will give you a decent workout with its 9-kilometre long route, while offering beautiful views of the hills, gorgeous villas and quaint villages. Definitely a good option to do with your partner, as it is quite a romantic trail to walk with someone you love.

Lounge in the Natural Tubs at Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach offers a unique experience because here, you’ll be able to see and get into little holes on the shore that fill up with water from the ocean, like a little private tub gifted by nature. The views here are pretty majestic too, and it’s a great photography spot. The beach is definitely not as well-known to tourists, so you can have a calm and romantic soak with your romantic partner here.

Visit Desa Kamasan to See Art Being Made

A village where most villagers dedicate themselves to create authentic Balinese paintings in a style that originated many centuries ago, Desa Kamasan is a must-visit for art lovers. The paintings here are not only for commercial sale, but some are used as ritual items in Balinese prayer traditions. Whether you decide to buy some for yourself or not, just visiting this place is sure to inspire and awe during your Bali free and easy itinerary fulfilment quest.

After exploring all these free things to do in Bali, it would be amazing to come back to your resort and have all your needs taken care of. Stay with us at Club Med Bali where we offer an all-inclusive package and have your accommodation, meals, drinks, and selected activities always available for you to access without having to take out your cash and credit cards. See you soon!

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