Cherating is famous for its laid back atmosphere, white beaches, and natural beauty. While these things may not initially conjure up exciting, heart-pumping thoughts, there are actually numerous things to do in Cherating to get your adrenaline going and kickstart your 2021 on a high.

From surfing on Cherating's waves to zipping through the forest on a quad bike, you'll be able to find the right activity that’ll get you up and going. Let's take a look at the best adrenaline-pumping activities that Cherating has to offer.

1. Jet Skiing

You can't come to Cherating without hitting the waters. If swimming or kayaking is a bit tame for you, you can hop on a jet ski and zip around the water to unleash your wild side. Besides just riding the jet ski in circles, you can ride it on exciting tours around Cherating. Tours include exploring the waters of Club Med Cherating, discovering Cherating Beach Village, and even going all the way out to Snake Island or "Pulau Ular" and back again.

2. Ride a Quad Bike

Being a coastal town, Cherating has a diverse and exciting landscape from its local fishing village to its thriving mangrove forest. Be inspired by your surroundings when you explore the local beauty on foot and get your blood pumping when you discover Cherating via a powerful quad bike or ATV along the best local trails. Ride in a group along the sandy beaches, through forest trails, and the local fishing village, all while having a magnificent view of the South China Sea by your side.

3. Learn the Flying Trapeze

There aren't many places in Cherating, or even in the country for that matter, where you can swing through the air on a flying trapeze. Reach greater heights than you’ve ever done before, while picking up some impressive moves at Club Med Cherating's flying trapeze school. With guidance from passionate instructors, you'll learn to spin, swing and other moves mid-air. Of course, you'll be strapped into a safety harness and have safety nets to catch you as well. Other circus activities available here include juggling, trampoline and balancing acts.

4. Surfing

This is not common knowledge, but one of the best things to do in Cherating is surfing. What better way to get your surf on than by conquering the waves? Get back to your best self when you feel the thrill of the waters here in Cherating—one of a handful of surfing spots in the country and also one of the first to become famous in the 1980s. Cherating has multiple point breaks which can create waves up to 500 metres long, satisfying even seasoned surfers. The Cherating surfing site is quite centrally located along the beach and just a few minutes south of Club Med Cherating, making it very accessible. The Cherating surfing site is located just a few minutes from Club Med Cherating.

5. Scuba Diving

While Cherating may not be famous for scuba diving opportunities, there are actually several gorgeous diving sites on nearby islands. Be awed by the underwater natural beauty in Cherating and in nearby towns like Kemaman, where there are dive centres that provide scuba diving tours and even courses. These tours will take you to islands like Tenggol, Perhentian, Tioman, and Redang Islands. Don't miss scuba diving when you're in the area, as it's definitely one of the best things to do to wow and inspire you in Cherating.

6. Rock Climbing

If you've always wanted to scale a natural rock cliff, then Cherating has just the spot for you. Climb higher than ever right on a rocky hill that's been turned into a rock-climbing wall. There are multiple routes with different difficulty levels for climbers of all levels. You'll be equipped with all necessary safety gear and be guided by Club Med's skilled G.Os. Once you're at the top of the cliff, you'll have a panoramic view of the coast and South China Sea—leaving you feeling like you’ve finally reached the top.

There's no shortage of exciting things to do in Cherating, making this destination a great holiday location not only for families and thrillseekers, but also for go-getters looking to reach greater heights and drive in 2021. By staying at Club Med Cherating, you'll not only get to experience world-class hospitality and a host of other amenities, but also be close to the best adrenaline-pumping activities in Cherating—everything you need to get back to your best self this year. So what are you waiting for? Book your stay with us now.