If you have ever wanted to have a vacation in the Maldives, chances are you've dreamt of staying in an overwater suite, with the turquoise blue ocean right beneath you. With so many islands in the archipelago, there is a long list of island resorts that provide an overwater holiday experience. And Club Med is one of them, offering all-inclusive holiday packages with several overwater accommodations to choose from that’ll allow you to live and feel like you’ve already made it to the top in life. If you want to know why this accommodation will elevate your vacation experience, read on below.

You Get Comfort and Privacy

Suites and villas over the water are built as separate structures so you won't have a neighbour staying right next to your room or need to share a corridor with a tight corridor with them. Each unit like at the Maldives' Club Med Kani and Finolhu Villas have a respectable space between each of them, giving you all the privacy and peace you need to recharge and reconnect with your inner self.

Our suites are arranged so when you head out to your private deck, it's just you, your company, and the wide open ocean. Here you can lounge all day surrounded by pristine waters and with no noise or unwanted guests to bother you.

You are Guaranteed the Best Views

It's no secret that an overwater suite in the Maldives offers the best views you can get in the region, and possibly even the world. With a private deck right by the water, you get to have front row seats to a panoramic view of the vast Indian Ocean, and depending on your pick, the best view of the sun glistening on the water at sunset/sunrise.

Besides the view, you are also surrounded by the calming sound of the ocean. This and the sight of the open ocean creates a tranquil setting that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

An Ocean Playground At Your Doorstep

Most overwater suites in the Maldives including Club Med's have a deck that takes you right down to the ocean. That means you can jump in the water anytime you want, as often as you want without worrying about splashing water on your neighbour and annoying anybody. You can even get up close with some marine creatures like various small fishes and rays. Staying at an overwater suite, you basically have your own plot of ocean in front of your room, where the world is at your (literal) doorstep.

Tips for Choosing a Maldives Overwater Suite

When choosing an overwater suite in the Maldives, you'll surely want to select the option that gives you the best holiday experience. Below are some things you should consider:

Orientation of the suite - The orientation of your suite determines how much sun you get and whether you face the sunrise or sunset. Understandably, an east-facing deck gets the sunrise on the deck, while a west-facing one gets the sunset. Since the Maldives is located north of the equator, a south facing deck gets more sunlight than one facing north.

All-inclusive holiday package - When vacationing in the Maldives, it's worth booking an all-inclusive holiday package so you can focus on getting the most out of your holiday experience and getting back to your best self. While there are several resorts here that offer all-inclusive holidays, not all are equal. At the Maldives' Club Med resorts on Kani and Finolhu, we include all-day dining, free flow drinks, activities, transport packages, and much more.

Location of your suite - Depending on how the suites are arranged at the resort island, you can choose to stay at an overwater suite further away from the resort's centre if you'd like more privacy and quiet. However, it may also mean that you have further to walk to get to and from your room.

Staying at an overwater suite/villa can elevate your holiday experience and give you the perfect space to be your very best. That said, there's a lot more that goes into having the perfect holiday experience, and that's why at Club Med we strive to provide all our guests with the best service and experience possible. If you want a hassle-free vacation where all your needs are taken care of, book a stay at Club Med Kani or Finolhu Villas.