If you need a short break from the chaotic city life, Bintan Island is a great choice as it is only a short ferry ride away from Singapore. Located in the north of Indonesia, Bintan Island is known for its secluded beaches, upscale golf courses, fascinating local culture and so much more.

As you are researching for your upcoming or potential trip, here’s a list of top things to do in Bintan Island:

1. Explore the underwater life

The top thing to do in Bintan Island is to enjoy the vast selection of water sports and explore the vibrant underwater life here. Whether you prefer something more relaxing like snorkeling and kayaking, or something more adrenaline-pumping like diving and ski-scooter riding, there’s something for everyone here.

Some resorts provide water sports packages and activities and here at Club Med Bintan, we offer activities such as snorkeling, paddling, kayaking and sailing. Take note that some of these water activities are only available from April to October given the monsoon seasons!

2. Enjoy A Panoramic View At The Peak of Mount Bintan

If scaling the heights of mountains and taking in wonderful sights of nature is more your cup of tea, then you will definitely enjoy hiking up Mount Bintan. Away from the beaches, the island is covered in lush tropical jungle with hiking tracks leading up to the Bintan’s highest peak: Mount Bintan.

At 340 meters, it is a manageable 3- to 4-hour hike suitable for everyone including beginners. Hikers will be rewarded at the summit with an incredible 360-degree view of the entire island so this is definitely a must-do in Bintan Island!

3. Explore the Sand Dunes of Gurun Pasir Bintan

Despite being an island with jungles and beaches, you will also miraculously find a strip of desert here in Bintan Island! Gurun Pasir Bintan is located in Busung, and used to be a quarry for a mining area which has now been transformed into majestic sand dunes that you can take wonderful pictures with.

You will also find incredibly picturesque clear blue water ponds due to the mineral residues from the mines. This spot is still a hidden gem so do visit before it becomes more popular!

4. Visit Danau Biru Blue Lake

Similar to the lake in Gurun Pasir Bintan, Danau Biru also has the bluest of blue lakes due to mining residue. The mesmerising blue lake and white sands make for a very Instagram-worthy shot, and this surreal lagoon will act as the perfect backdrop for any pictures!

5. Go on a Mangrove River Tour

Besides lush jungles, the flora and fauna at Bintan Island is also incredibly diverse and includes mangrove forests. Mangroves are an important part of the ecosystem in this island as it is the habit