Mauritius top local cuisines to try

If you’re visiting Mauritius, follow this guide for authentic local food and cuisine. From street food to fine dining, these are the sweet and spicy flavours to savour.

For a small island nation with little over 1 million inhabitants, Mauritius has an extraordinarily diverse food scene, having absorbed influences from several continents including India, China and Europe. To add an extra culinary dimension to your trip, these are the essential local delicacies you’ll want to make sure are on your dining itinerary. Whether you’re after a sit-down meal in off-the-radar restaurants in Mauritius, or are looking to grab some street food at a thriving market or bazaar, Mauritius has something delicious to offer you. You’ll also have no trouble satisfying your sweet tooth either.

Classic Indian curry

When it comes to Mauritius’ food, incredible Indian flavours are everywhere. For traditional curry that’s sure to hit the spot, head to Le Tandoor restaurant on Royal Road in Grande Baie, to the north of the island. The menu offers classics like tikkas and biryanis, alongside some amazing seafood dishes, such as masala lobster. And, of course, the kitchen makes use of its clay tandoor oven for everything from naan breads to kebabs.

Fish Vindaye

Mauritian cuisine is known for its super-fresh seafood, and one of its most popular fish dishes is the curry, Vindaye. Believed to have been inspired by the Indian Vindaloo, Vindaye is an intensely flavoured dish usually featuring fish cooked in turmeric, mustard, garlic and ginger. Often tangy, with lightly pickled fish, it’s one of the region’s defining dishes. For an authentic example in a restaurant heaving with locals, try La Terrasse, also located in Grand Baie.

La Rougaille

Coconut chutneys and spicy pastes form the backbone of Mauritian cuisine, and one of the best-loved is Rougaille, a Creole-inspired, tomato-based mixture that gives its name to a famous stew. The dish in turn lends its name to a restaurant – La Rougaille Creole – that’s well worth checking out. As well as its signature dish (which is typically flavoured with onions, garlic and thyme alongside the tomatoes), it also serves octopus curry, aubergine fritters and grilled seafood.