Those who are familiar with Bintan Island will know the attractions this place has to offer. With beautiful sandy beaches and tranquil water, many flock to Bintan for quick getaways as it is only a short ferry ride away from Singapore. Besides the sun, sea and sand, there is so much more to Bintan Island that make it both an intriguing and exciting place to visit.

If you are looking to explore Bintan Island beyond its postcard-perfect sights, here are some things you can do to truly experience Bintan like a local:

1. Visit Tanjung Pinang

Tanjung Pinang is the largest town in Bintan Island and is where most of the locals live. There is a lot to do here including visiting the traditional morning market where you can find local delicacies, fresh fruits and dried seafood and shop for arts and craft.

While you are here, take a stroll down Panglong Village which is where the sea gypsies live and you will find remarkable wooden homes on stilts. Time stands still here as local fishermen weave fishing nets and cast them out to sea.

You will also find several seafood restaurants here so do stop by for a scrumptious and fresh seafood lunch or dinner! Come nightfall, there is also a food market at Rimba Jaya where you will find affordable local food and dishes so be sure to stay for that as well.

2. Check out the temples at Senggarang Village

Not far from Tanjung Pinang by boat, you can visit temples at Senggarang Village which is where the first Chinese settlement in Bintan is. Here you will find a centuries-old temple that is nearly engulfed by a huge Banyan tree, as well as the Lau Ya Keng temple. The latter is the oldest temple in Riau and dates all the way back to the Qing Dynasty.

Guests at Club Med Bintan Island would be pleased to know that we offer an excursion that covers both Tanjung Pinang and Senggarang Village, which also includes a guide who will explain to you the historical and cultural significance of these sights. Most excitingly, this excursion also ends with a spectacular fireworks show!

3. Enjoy A Panoramic View At The Peak of Mount Bintan

Besides the cultural sights of Bintan Island, there is also much to do if you are adventurous and would like to be in nature. Away from the beaches and crowd, the island is covered in lush tropical jungle with hiking tracks leading up to the Bintan’s highest peak: Mount Bintan.

At 340 meters, this is a manageable 3 to 4-hour hike suitable for everyone including beginners. Hikers will be rewarded at the summit with an incredible 360-degree view of the entire island so this is definitely a must do in Bintan Island!

4. Explore the Sand Dunes of Gurun Pasir Bintan

Another hidden gem that is surprisingly not well-known to tourists is this man-made sand dunes at Gurun Pasir Bintan. This strip of desert is located in Busung, and used to be a quarry for a mining area which has now been transformed into majestic sand dunes that you can take wonderful pictures in.

These sand dunes are also home to picturesque clear blue water ponds due to the mineral residues from the mines. It is currently mostly frequented by locals so do check it out before it gets more popular!

5. Visit Danau Biru Blue Lake

Similar to the lake in Gurun Pasir Bintan, Danau Biru also has the bluest of blue lakes due to mining residue. The mesmerising blue lake and white sands make for a very Instagram-worthy shot, and this surreal lagoon will act as the perfect backdrop for any pictures!

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