Crystal clear waters, a wonderfully tropical climate, and world-class hospitality… there’s a lot to look forward to if you want to vacation in the beautiful islands of Maldives. That being said, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration, including how to choose where to stay in the Maldives, or where you can find the best Maldives vacation packages. Let’s start with how to get to these islands first.

Getting to the Maldives

Maldives is easily accessible by plane from any major cities. Don’t worry about visas because people of all nationalities are issued a visa on arrival for a duration of 30 days, though you will need to have a passport with 6 months validity, enough money to cover the costs of the duration of your stay, plus a return ticket.

From Malé (the captial city), you will take a ferry or boat taxi if your resort is on a nearby atoll (such as where Club Med Kani and Finolhu Villas are located). Otherwise, expect the need to stay overnight at the capital city as you would need to take a seaplane to the further atolls.

How to Choose Where to Stay in the Maldives

As places are difficult to get to in this country of more than a thousand islands, it’s best to book resorts that offer you dining and activities on-site, as well as excursions off-site where desired, so that you can truly maximise your holiday in this gorgeous place. Here at Club Med, we give you everything you need for the perfect holiday. Eat at our 5-star dining establishments, enjoy the vast variety of activities we offer on-site and join our excursions to other places you may want to visit to see beautiful views or engage in some ocean-based activities. So there’s no need to think about how to choose where to stay in the Maldives or even what the best vacation packages here are. Book your holiday at Club Med Kani or Finolhu Villas and let us take care of the details for you.

Other Minor But Important Things to Note About Vacationing in the Maldives

Most places in the Maldives accept USD and credit cards, so as long as you have those in supply you should be okay. ATMs cannot be found outside of the capital city, so come prepared. Of course, if you stay with us, there’s not much you have to worry about because everything’s all-inclusive. Most Maldivian people you come into contact with would likely be able to speak English, but if you have the time, learning some basic phrases in Dhivehi (the Maldivian language) would be useful to delight the locals you meet. Some examples include:

Hi/Hello - Assala-mulaikum
What is your name? - Kon nameh kiyanee?
Thank you - Shuku-riya
You’re welcome - Maru-habaa
Excuse me - Ma-aaf kurey

Be sure to try some Maldivian cuisine while you are there. Most dishes have some form of fish incorporated, as fish is the main source of protein here. Also, be sure to take care of cultural sensitivities while you are on the islands; the Maldives is a Muslim country and thus are more conservative in their customs and way of life. Unless you’re within resort premises or private beaches, avoid wearing bikinis and sexy clothing, and be mindful not to insult or criticise Islamic practices.

Vacationing in the Maldives is pretty pain-free because it is a country leaning on tourism as its main source of revenue. Because of this, the environment is purposely geared for tourists to have a good holiday. How you can make the whole experience even more convenient depends on where you choose to stay in the Maldives and the other logistics that come with that decision. The first step is to get your flight tickets. The next step, ideally, is to book your stay in one of our Club Med resorts here, located on two of Maldives’ most breathtaking islands!

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