The most beautiful all-inclusive resorts for a glorious family reunion. Reconnect through extraordinary experiences at Club Med, marked by togetherness, adventure, and relaxation.

The ideal destination for family bonding, Club Med stands as the ultimate destination, offering intimate, shared family moments. We redefine peace of mind and stress-free events, all in stunning locales like the serene Maldives and the adventurous slopes of Kiroro. Immerse yourselves in rejuvenation with poolside serenity, spa indulgence, and family-friendly group activities, wellness workshops, and entertainment.

Focus on connection and reinvigorate family ties while we do all the planning. Pick your venue and activity, and brace yourselves for reunions filled with warmth, laughter, and extravagant all-inclusive resort experiences.

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Why is Club Med the best choice for your family reunion events?

Stunning destinations

Immerse your family in incredibly beautiful destinations, including the Maldives, Cherating, Cancun, Kiroro, and many more. Breathtaking venues set the stage for unforgettable family moments, whether for an annual social gathering or a birthday party.

Family Activities & Entertainment

Reconnect while surfing together in the Maldives, swinging golf in Cancun or Bintan Island, or skiing at Hokkaido and the French Alps. Delight in nature excursions and sports, followed by all-inclusive buffets and lively entertainment hosted by dedicated G.Os.

Adults can unwind at the Croisette for a taste of Provençal living in Cannes or enjoy the colourful lights and warm ambiance at the Soluna in Cancun, while children immerse themselves in all-day programmes for 4 years old and up, all under close supervision of our staff.

Rejuvenating Experiences

Elevate your family reunions and social events with rejuvenating experiences. From serene pool time to soothing spa treatments and family-friendly yoga workshops, Club Med ensures everyone finds relaxation and renewal.

All-Inclusive Stays

Enjoy the convenience of all-inclusive stays, where every aspect of your family reunion is seamlessly taken care of. From full board food and drinks to engaging children's activities and entertainment, Club Med ensures a stress-free and memorable experience for every age and lifestyle.

Family Reunion Activities

Tailored programmes in unforgettable settings

Group Golf

Perfect for family bonding, our tailor-made group golf experiences cater to all skill levels, providing a unique setting for a memorable family reunion. Go on a golf adventure tailored for every member of the family, with group lessons and competitions - doesn’t matter if someone is a beginner or a pro. This unique experience blends playfulness and golf mastery, where each swing becomes a shared moment of joy.

Ski Lessons

Experience the thrill of winter reunions with ski lessons. Whether you're a first-time skier or an expert seeking new challenges, our skilled instructors provide personalized guidance. These lessons are designed to cater to varying skill levels and age groups within the family, ensuring that each member enjoys the slopes.

Exclusive Dinners

Create lasting memories with intimate dinners, offering delectable cuisine and a picturesque setting for reconnecting with loved ones. Find yourself spoilt for choice with a delectable spread with Club, Premium, and Lobster Dinner menus.

Reminisce together as you indulge in our diverse starters, premium main dishes such as striploin grilled premium beef or grilled lobster, before topping it off with our dessert menu consisting of options such as triple chocolate brownies or cinnamon honey crème brulée.

Then, party under the stars or kick off your shoes to dance on powdery beaches with our all-inclusive, bottomless drinks. Celebrate lasting bonds with tailor-made, all-inclusive SMERF events. Dance, laugh, and cherish the time together - let us take care of the details.

Kid-friendly Entertainment

Unwind guilt-free while knowing your children will be engaged and develop confidence and skills through our expert childcare. Whether the little ones are 4 months or 17 years old, we provide age-appropriate activities and facilities tailored to each season and environment. Guided by our enthusiastic G.Os®, they delight in fun, experience wonder, and blossom in self-confidence – ensuring they are as happy as can be at Kids Club Med.

Favorite Club Med Family Reunion Destinations

Beautiful snow powders set the stage for Intimate reunions at Club Med Kiroro Grand. Nestled in the snow-kissed mountains, the resort offers thrilling ski adventures for all levels and apres-skis by the fireplace, making it a perfect retreat for families seeking warmth and excitement.

Club Med Kiroro Grand

Indulge in the magic of the Maldives at Club Med Kani, where overwater family suites become your private oasis. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, embark on snorkelling safaris, and let the vibrant Kids Club activities turn your family vacation into an enchanting tale of sun, sea, and smiles.

Club Med Kani

Experience the call of the wild at Club Med Cherating, where families are invited to explore the wonders of nature together. From treehouse accommodations to encounters with exotic wildlife, every moment is an opportunity for shared adventure, creating bonds that last a lifetime.

Club Med Cherating

Unwind in the heart of Provence at Club Med Opio en Provence Resort, where family time is elevated to an art form. Explore the charming countryside, savour delectable local cuisine, and revel in spacious accommodations that blend comfort and elegance, creating a retreat that feels like a home away from home.

Club Med Opio en Provence

Let the sun-soaked shores of Club Med Cancun be the backdrop for your family's tropical escapade. Dive into turquoise waters, build sandcastles on pristine beaches, and partake in vibrant evening shows. A range of family-friendly activities are available for all ages. Let the sunny warmth of this Mexican paradise light up your reunion events.

Club Med Cancun