Jenny LEE

Chef de Village, Club Med Cherating Beach, Malaysia

Jenny is the Chef De Village (also known as the General Manager) of Club Med Cherating. Jenny’s energy and passion reflects the many unique projects she has overseen. She spearheads and handles everything in the 80 hectares resort from guest arrivals to entertainment and circus acts. She has been working in Club Med for over 17 years. Learn how this passionate lady not only oversees the day to day operations across the resort but also hosts, sings and dances on stage for guests’ nightly entertainment.

When I think of Club Med, I think of….

Multiculturalism, located in the most beautiful places in the world, and a life-learning company where you build your career yourself.

I get my inspiration from…

From my family, from books that I read, from the people that I work with, and from the guests that I meet daily.

In the past week, what was the most memorable thing that someone said to you?

A guest told me that they had the best holiday ever in Club Med Cherating where they could feel the team’s sincere hospitality and that they were proud of having a woman general manager.

What brings the best out of you / When are you your best self?

I am my best self when I encounter new challenges and am able to push my limits.

What do you love most about your job / Club Med?

The working environment which is truly multicultural. This supports an efficient internal mobility program enabling people to develop their potential, all nationality and genders equally.

What have you learnt about yourself amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

I learnt to take the right decisions in time for guests and the team. I found myself more resilient over the pandemic and even quicker to adapt to change.

What is one thing you’ve learnt to appreciate during the pandemic?

Truly, it has been my team’s support and cooperation. They have been very patient and supportive in such a delicate context.

How have your passion points changed in the past year?

My passion has always been helping others uncover their passions and develop them professionally. At the same time, creating memorable holidays for our guests. In addition, I am focusing more on coaching and mentoring people for them to reach their best selves.

After what has happened over the past year, has your dream destination changed and why?

It’s hard to have only one dream destination as there are still lots of places to discover in the world. Every country has its own beauty and culture to be discovered.

What is it about the destination you’re in or what can you do in the coming week to help the people around you to get back to their best selves?

Cherating Malaysia is located in the jungle with long-wide beach and it provides our guest with serenity in thanks to its beautiful nature. To help people discover new passions we offer a wide range of activities so that people can reconnect with their loves ones.

2021 is the year to get Back to Happiness. I am going to…

I will ensure my team and guests appreciate every moment, as happiness is where we are and to appreciate what we have.

This year’s theme for IWD is #ChoosetoChallenge – which encourages women to be responsible to create an inclusive world and celebrate achievements together. How will you choose to celebrate it this year at Club Med?

I will celebrate achievements with the team and guests on site. For example, to award best employee of the month, sports awards for our guests, upcycling activities for children, and sharing Club Med happiness with children who stay outside of the resort.

What does #ChoosetoChallenge mean for you in your work life?

It is the moment of the truth. We face challenges daily in our work life, and choosing to challenge makes me move forward and learn continuously.

Being a leader in hospitality, what is your advice for other women who are looking to #ChoosetoChallenge?

Trust yourself and believe in you. You will be the one who will bring meaningful changes.

Thrive Again with Club Med promotes the idea of moving forward with an optimist outlook – how have you incorporate this as Chief De Village?

Adaptation and implementation are the key to do so. I am also always willing to challenge the existing, for example to offer new activities, cuisine to our guests for the best experience possible.

Why do you think the industry could benefit by having more female leaders?

During pandemic, empathy for guests and the team along with sense of details matter the most. Because it brings people peace of mind. These are two biggest strengths that female leaders have at high level which are precious during difficult times.