Phuket, with its white beaches, party streets, and natural parks, has no shortage of attractions both on and off the island. In fact, located just a 15-minute boat ride off the southern coast of Phuket is Coral Island, a beautiful, quaint island where you can go to escape the bustle of Phuket.

Although being a small island, Coral Island has a lot to offer whether you're looking for a place to relax or go on an adventure. If you're wondering where to go on your Phuket island hopping trip, read why you should visit Coral Island below.

About Coral Island

Known as Koh Hei, Coral Island at Phuket is a beautiful, small island located around three kilometres away from Phuket. It is 2.5 kilometres long with a dense jungle in its centre. It has two main beaches on its northside which are popular with tourists; Banana Beach and Long Beach. On its south side, is the more secluded Freedom Beach.

Spanning 800 metres, Long Beach is the most famous spot on the island and sees many day-trip visitors. There are plenty of deckchairs for rent and sports you can play here. Banana Beach, located to the east of Long Beach and spanning half its length, is a quieter location with fewer crowds. If you're looking to snorkel, Banana Beach is a good spot. It's accessible from Long Beach by a trail that goes through a jungle. However, since the trail has uneven surfaces, it's best to hike here with a good pair of shoes.

If you're up for some exploration and have some time to kill, you can ask your boat driver to head to Freedom Beach on the south side of the island. This small beach is surrounded by steep hills and has a good concentration of coral and marine animals off its shore.

How to Get to Coral Island

The easiest way to get to Coral Island from Phuket is on a Phuket island hopping tour. If you'd like to spend more time on the island, you can also charter your own boat at Rawai Beach or Chalong Pier in South Phuket. There are often many boats available to rent including traditional Thai longtail boats and speedboats. Speedboats generally take a shorter time to reach Coral Island.

What to do on Coral Island

Coral Island offers an array of activities for all tourists. Here are some of the best of what you can enjoy here:

  • Snorkelling - The island is surrounded by shallow coastal waters with beautiful coral reefs and colourful fishes. There are multiple snorkelling spots around the island, with some being just off the coast and some a short boat ride away.
  • Lounging on the beach - One of the best things to do on a beach is to just relax and soak up the sun. At Long Beach and Banana Beach, you can rent deckchairs on the sand or just lay down your own blanket. There are also numerous vendors selling drinks, snacks, swimsuits, and more.
  • Diving - With the island's shallow waters, diving here is suitable for beginners and skilled divers. Besides diverse coral reefs, you can see turtles, lionfish, and various other marine animals.
  • Other Watersports - Besides snorkelling and diving, there are other watersports available on the island including parasailing and kayaking. If you'd like to learn more about the island, you can get a boat tour and see the whole island.

Best Time to Visit

Phuket, Coral Island, and the surrounding region see a monsoon season from March to October which can bring in heavy showers and storms. To best enjoy Coral Island, you should visit is between November and April, when it's dry. With that being said, Long Beach and Banana Beach tend to be shielded from the worst of the monsoon waves since they are facing north. Therefore, they can still be good spots to visit and snorkel at even during the monsoon. If you're in Phuket during the monsoon and plan to go on a Phuket island hopping tour to Coral Island, just be mindful of the weather so you can choose the best time to visit it.

Coral Island is a great place to visit especially if you like to explore the region's diverse marine environment and visit different islands. When you stay at Club Med Phuket, you can easily travel to other islands as the pier is only 15 minutes away from the resort. We can also arrange various excursions both on and off the island. So what are you waiting for? Book a stay with us today!

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