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If you’re hoping to experience chalet life for the first time, or simply want a change from your usual location, then there are plenty of choices available. Every chalet is unique across the mountains of Europe and you’ll find accommodation of various sizes, shapes and charms. But what should you be thinking about when it comes to making your choice?

The Views

Let’s start with the basics. When you wake up in the morning and throw open the curtains, what do you want to see? Most probably a magnificent breathtaking vista of mountains and trees and sky. If spectacular views are your thing then make sure you choose somewhere that lives up to the brochure pictures such as our chalets in Valmorel or Grand Massif.

Hot Tubs and Roaring Fires

Don’t miss out on one of the finest pleasures of a ski-ing holiday as everyone relaxes in front of a fire after a long day on the slopes. Equally, there are few better feelings than sitting in a hot tub, perhaps with a nice glass of champers, while the air freezes around you, and you contemplate the world at 10,000 feet. At Club Med you’ll always be able to find a hot tub on site as well as swimming pools and spas, but if you're going elsewhere then make sure there's one installed.

Food Glorious Food

Ski-ing takes up a lot of energy and you’ll want to enjoy a few hearty Alpine meals when on your holidays. Are you happy to stock up on groceries and cook for yourself? The gluhwein and fondue may taste a little bitter if you have to spend hours preparing a meal every night. If you want to have a few nights off from playing chef then you need to make sure there’s a good source of eating and drinking nearby. Check out what the local restaurant scene is like, especially if you have a family and children who may not fully appreciate the local cuisine and want a pizza or burger instead. At Club Med, we specialise in gourmet food and can bring meals and drinks to your door when you want them and our chalets are always based near some of the region’s best eateries. Problem solved.

Room For Kids

Size does matter when it comes to chalets and if you've got five members of a family sharing a home made for two then things can get very intimate. Get ready for a few irritable arguments as everyone tries to find some space. Make sure you've worked out who will sleep where and whether there’s enough extra room for people to go off and enjoy some time by themselves, if that's what they want to do on holiday. We have chalets with 2-4 sleeping spaces so everyone gets a good night’s rest.

Things To Do

Not everybody on your ski-ing holiday may want to go ski-ing. In fact, for some people ski-ing is the one thing they don't want to do when they’re at the top of a beautiful, snowy mountain (no, we can't understand it either). For the non-sporty types make sure there are plenty of other attractions nearby including villages to visit, shops to browse and entertainment such as live music. At the same time, if 24-hour parties aren't your thing make sure you don't choose a chalet in a resort that never sleeps.

And The Skiing Of Course

If you're primarily going for the winter sport then you obviously need to choose somewhere that can offer you the slopes and facilities where you can pursue your passion. Not every chalet is as close to resorts as they are with Club Med where lift passes and lessons are matched by local slopes for all ages and skill levels. Check out what's available within a reasonable distance, how you’ll get there every day and how much it will all cost to use.

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