Let’s Bring The Club Med Magic Into Your Homes

Ignite the Club Med spirit at home and let us take you into a world of culinary fun, arts & craft for the kids or some much-needed home work-outs to keep you fit and active.

Happiness starts here. Create meaningful memories with your loved ones and embark on hours of fun with oodles of activities for the whole family, with your partner, or even by yourself.

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Get Jiggy With It

Let the rhythm get you groovin'. Bring on the endorphins and happy vibes with a dance party right in your home. Grab your partner, the kids and your fur kids too!

Bachata Dance >
Crazy Signs >

6-day Club Med at Home Cooking Challenge

Be a master chef at your own home. Check out these curated recipes from our Club Med G.Os and try making these delectable dishes for the whole family. Green curry, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Smiling Sablés – there’s always something for everyone to try in this home cooking challenge. Share your moment and don’t forget to share your dish with us on our FB Page with #ClubMedatHome


How to Make Guacamole

Holy guacamole! Make an authentic, easy guacamole dip for family game night, or a snack. Whether you eat it with chips, or straight up with a spoon, we won't judge.

Cheers to kids’ favourite drink

by Cik Manggis

For Malaysians, nothing beats a cup of Milo to chase the isolation blues away. This includes Cik Manggis, a member of popular Malaysian girl group De Fam, who previously visited us at Club Med Cherating. Join her as she whips up creative ways to enjoy her favourite Milo at home!"


Stovetop Smores

Need a suga' rush while you're working from home? Get your minis in on the action with these stove top smores. Perfect for nights when you're camping in the living room too.


Nasi Goreng Made Sedap

by @DaphneIking

We all enjoy a simple plate of our favourite comfort food. Let’s see how Malaysian TV personality, @DaphneIking whips up her Nasi Goreng istimewa recipe and shares this with her followers.

Mini Chefs

Play switcheroo with your kids and have them make breakfast for the family — with supervision, of course. These egg cups can also be frozen, so make them in a big batch and freeze for future protein-packed snacks.


Learn a Magic Trick

There's nothing quite like a handy card trick and this tutorial will make you the expert, whether at a dinner party in the future or to entertain the kids while dinner's getting cooked.


Stay Home Activities

by @DaphneIking

It is never easy being confined to your home for a few weeks but our Malaysian TV personality, @DaphneIking turns things around by keeping her family busy with lots of fun activities. Check this out.

Get an up close, 360 degree view of wildlife, wherever you are

Invite an animal friend home with Google AR animals. Level up homeschooling by helping your kids grasp the scale of animals you can spot, such as the brown bear in Hokkaido during summer, or the various species of sharks in the Maldives.

Simply google any of these animals: brown bear, shark, turtles, snake, macaw and scroll down till you find the 'View in 3D' button.

Vacation in the blink of an eye

Let your wanderlust take flight and enjoy our Club Med 360 videos with your loved ones. Immerse yourself in the amazing Club Med experience.


Weekly Intentions

Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals. While spending time at home, why not involve your family in setting daily intentions and goals for your day.
Click below to see how you can practice weekly intentions in your own home.
We'd love to see what your intentions are. Why not share a photo of them with us by tagging #ClubMedatHome on our FB page


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