Mani for Minis

Little hands need lovin' too!

• Start by clipping their nails and using a small nail file to buff the edges so they're nice and curved.

• Then gently massage each finger and work your way up to their palms, wrists and all the way to their elbows.

• Choose non-toxic colours in pastel shades or go for a rainbow manicure where every nail is a different colour. There are lots of child-safe polishes that can be washed off with soap and water too.

Get Masked

Your mini superheros deserve some cool masks of their own.

You can use the DIY face mask recipe we shared previously to make a natural mask for your kids (just watch out for allergens), then spread it all over their face and add sliced cucumbers to their eyes to complete the relaxing experience.

Happy Feet

A full body massage is a great way to relax your child at the end of the day and lull them to sleep, but a foot massage is also good for putting the bounce into their step - not that we think they need any help with that! Follow the handy guide here that shows you which parts of the foot to rub.

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