6-Day Club Med at Home Cooking Challenge

Be a master chef at your own home. Check out these curated recipes from our Club Med G.Os and try making these delectable dishes for the whole family. Green curry, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Smiling Sablés – there’s always something for everyone to try in this home cooking challenge. Share your moment and don’t forget to share your dish with us on our FB Page with #ClubMedatHome

Tom Yum Shrimp

by Chef Laurent

• 200g Fresh mushroom
• 100g Lemon grass stalks
• 3 pcs Kaffir lime leave
• 10g Coriander roots
• 250g Shrimps
• 2 pcsBird eye chilies (whole fried)
• 2g Lime juice
• 10g Spring onions
• 4g Fish sauce
• 30g Chicken stock
• 500g Boiled water
• 20g Tomato
• 10g Galangal or ginger
• 20g Shallot (peeled)
• 30g Tom yam paste
• 2g Sugar
• Salt and Pepper

Serving size: 4 persons


  • Heat the water & stock in a large saucepan over medium heat and cook the galangal, lemongrass, coriander roots, lime leaves, shallot till to allow the flavors to intensify
  • And than add the tom-yam paste.
  • Add the shrimps, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cook well.
  • Seasoning with fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, chicken stock.
  • Before serving add coriander leave and spring onion on the top

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