Let’s Bring The Club Med Magic Into Your Homes

Ignite the Club Med spirit at home and let us take you into a world of culinary fun, arts & craft for the kids or some much-needed home work-outs to keep you fit and active.

Happiness starts here. Create meaningful memories with your loved ones and embark on hours of fun with oodles of activities for the whole family, with your partner, or even by yourself.

Get Jiggy With It

Let the rhythm get you groovin'. Bring on the endorphins and happy vibes with a dance party right in your home. Grab your partner, the kids and your fur kids too!

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#CookLikeClubMed: Cinnamon Apple Pie

Who can resist a freshly baked Cinnamon Apple Pie? A family activity to keep the kids busy, make the grandparents happy and leave your house smelling absolutely amazing? Count me in. And, we know everything tastes better when it's homemade!


#CookLikeClubMed: Seafood Pizza

Put on your aprons and get ready for a pizza-making lesson with our Club Med chefs. Prepare your pizza base from scratch, load it up with your favourite sauce and all the seafood you love.

Our favourite recipes from Maldives

Maldivian cuisine, also called Dhivehi cuisine, is a fusion from its neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka and India. Each dish is often an assortment of spices with every bite bursting with flavor. These traditional dishes often includes fish, coconut milk and chilli. Bring the Maldives flavor right to your doorstep with these easy to cook recipes.


Our favourite recipes from Japan

Japanese food - a cuisine rich in culture, created often using the finest ingredients. We bring you recipes from the land of the rising sun. Learn from our Club Med chefs in Japan on how to make your own udon, the signature hokkiado crepe and even cartoon character sushi that can double up as a fun activity with the kids. Nothing beats homemade dishes from the heart for the whole family.


#CookLikeClubMed: White Chocolate Bread Recipe

Join the legions of amateur breadmakers all over the world but make yours extra exciting with the addition of white chocolate. A hot favourite and a classic in our Club Med resorts, this indulgent treat is perfect for breakfast, lunch... and dinner too. Let's be honest — there's no bad time for white chocolate bread. Share with us your #ClubMedatHome moments on Instagram and don't forget to tag @clubmed so we can see you.


Mini Chefs: Chicken Skewers

When it comes to teaching kids confidence in the kitchen, it should be a mix of indulgences like cookies and cakes as well as practical everyday food, so these chicken skewers are a great start. They're nutritious, and you can add vegetables your kids love.