Our Resort in Portugal

Enjoy a luxury all-inclusive Europe holiday with no hassle whatsoever when you travel with Club Med. The climate in Portugal holiday destinations can vary hugely depending on when you choose to take your European break. Portugal is characterised by warm weather in summer with a wet season in winter. This Mediterranean climate benefits from refreshing sea breezes in the humid months, when temperatures can reach as high as 40°C. You can experience bouts of this warm weather even during September and October in most areas of Portugal.

Portugal Highlights

With golden beaches, red-roofed cities and rolling vineyards, Portugal is a Mediterranean delight.

• Tour the countryside and enjoy wine and chorizo tasting
Water sports from surfing to sailing to canyoning
• Scenic golf courses
• Dolphin watching and wildlife sanctuaries for nature lovers
• Great for Mediterranean-style city breaks
• Perfect for beach holidays

Year-round sunshine and refreshing sea breezes

Portugal is the perfect destination for family holidays with a mix of Mediterranean inspiration and beachside fun. Wander through rural orange groves, get lost in winding cobblestone streets, explore medieval ruins or simply soak up the sun on golden sands on your all-inclusive holiday.

Inspiring views and charming cities

As Europe’s oldest country, Portugal has an astounding collection of historic monuments, castles and ruins just waiting to be explored. In the North, Porto rises in tiers on the green hillsides, begging to be explored. In the south, the Algarve seduces visitors with its dramatic coastlines, family-friendly beach resorts and scenic golf courses.

Fado music, good food and port wine

Portuguese musical culture is dominated by Fado, an urban folk tradition you’ll hear echoing in streets and bars from Porto to Faro. Portuguese cuisine is full of fresh seafood, aromatic seasonings and delicious pastries. Savour a hearty plate of bacalhau a bras or a sweet little pasteis de nata followed by a glass of port wine or a light, dry vinho verde.

Facts about Portugal

Flying Time: 15 hours
Airport: Faro Airport
Time Difference: -7 hour
Currency: Euros
Best months to visit: May - Sep
Well Known for: Good food & Cultural attractions
Languages: Portuguese & English widely spoken

Discover Portugal

An all-inclusive stay to uncover all that Portugal has to offer

Fancy going back to the roots of the Iberian art de vivre? Staying in Portugal is the ideal place to do so. Dive into the Atlantic, with a fado tune in your ears and a quote from Fernando Pessoa in your mind.

Faro Cathedral

In the Algarve region, the Faro Cathedral is a must-see. At less than an hour away from the Da Balaïa resort, discover this monument made of elements dating from as far back as the 13th century. Alongside the discovery of medieval azulejos and coloured chapels, during your visit you can also climb up the tower to marvel at the wonderful view over the rooftops of Faro.

Da Balaia

Castle of Silves

A small, peaceful Algarvian town, located just 30 minutes from the Da Balaïa resort, Silves is an ideal rural getaway for your all-inclusive stay in Portugal. On arrival, visitors are greeted by an impressive red-brick castle which sits at the top of this authentic Portuguese town, bathed in a historic atmosphere. Practically adjoining the Silves Cathedral, this medieval monument dates back to the 7th century and offers awe-inspiring views over the town and its landscape.

Da Balaia

Church of São Francisco

In a style both gothic and Manueline, this 16th-century building is the largest in Evora. The church is mainly known for its terrifying chapel of bones, made of 5000 skeletons... An astounding monument which adds to the flair of Evora's heritage. Located at 2 hours 45 minutes from the Da Balaïa resort, its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Da Balaia

Dom Pedro Golf

On one of the most renowned golf courses in the Algarve, work on your swing whilst strolling through the green scenery. Get ready for an invigorating all-inclusive stay in Portugal. With its 4 courses in a variety of settings, you’ll have the delight of personalising your own route and afternoon of golf. By the lagoons, or in the shadows of the umbrella pines, enjoy the experience just 15 minutes from the Da Balaïa resort

Da Balaia

South West Alentejano and Costa Vicentina Nature Park

To the south of the country, 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Da Balaïa resort, this nature sanctuary is one of the most impressive in Europe. Over 100 km of shoreline, discover a place where wild beaches alternate with green forests and small, picturesque villages. Whilst surfers and beach-lovers can head for Carrapateira, hikers can enjoy the scenery on the route to Vicenza. On foot or on bike, embrace the scent of the ocean spray as you catch a glimpse of a stork flying by.

Da Balaia


In Tomar, you will discover the birthplace of the Templar Knights, during your all-inclusive stay in Portugal. At approximately 300 km from the Da Balaïa resort, you will discover a culturally abundant town as you visit the Convent of the Order of Christ and the castle. In Tomar, whether in the shadows of the Sete Montes National Forest, or on the banks of the Nabão river, you can take a moment to refresh. It’s the perfect moment to try a local sweet treat, called Fatias de Tomar.

Da Balaia

Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belem

Both UNESCO World Heritage sites, these two monuments are amongst the most notable in Portugal. During your excursion to Lisbon, in front of the monastery, you can admire the 16th-century building, particularly remarkable for its Manueline style. Don’t forget to visit the superb cloister before heading towards the nearby Tower of Belem. After having admired the 4 baroque floors, the roof terrace gives you the perfect vantage point for the view of the river.

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