What to consider before buying or hiring skis

Before buying or hiring skis, it's a good idea to ask yourself these three basic questions.

Find the perfect skis for you. Before buying or hiring a pair of skis, ask yourself a few questions. Do you prefer to ski on piste or freestyle? Are you a beginner or an expert? What are your physical characteristics? The answers will help you find the right skis.

Which skis for which use?

Narrow and with a classic camber (i.e. with a curve towards the inside, starting from the contact points between the heel and the front tip), piste skis provide good grip on the snow. You can negotiate your turns in style with them.

Does skiing mean a search for adventure to you? Freeride skis, with a flat camber and front and back rockers (that raise the tip and the heel), are ideal for tackling powder snow.

With ski hire, you can switch style as you please, changing skis as the fancy takes you. If you buy, you get to own your own pair, but you need to use them regularly, more than once a year to get your money's worth.

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What's your ski level?

To find out which skis you should hire or buy, you need to consider your level of skill on the slopes.

If you're a beginner, choose skis that are easy to handle, about 10 centimetres shorter for better balance. On the other hand, experienced skiers should choose longer skis.

The question of your level is also a determining factor in the choice of the fixing system. If this is your first experience of winter sport, it's better to go for a moderate fixing force of 3 to 6 DIN. Flexible bindings are easier to undo if needed. However, the more experienced you are, the more rigid the fixings should be to stand up to pressure, which involves an average to high DIN setting: of 8 to 13 DIN for experts and up to 24 DIN for professionals.

Ski hire offers you the flexibility to get equipment that matches your level of progress, year after year.

What are your physical characteristics?

Before hiring or buying skis, answer these two questions about your body shape:

How much do you weigh? Knowing your weight is essential to finding skis in proportion to your physique: light for "featherweights" and heavier for everyone else.

How should you measure yourself? The length of a ski is longer or shorter, depending on the type of skiing you practise and your skill level. However, the main criterion is still your height: it is essential to know it to the nearest one or two centimetres.

It is therefore sensible to hire rather than buy skis for growing children. Hiring also makes your life easier with no storage or transport of equipment to worry about. So you only get the best skis!

If you're staying in one of our Club Med Resorts, the G.O® Ski Experts will advise you and direct you to the most appropriate equipment for your style of sport and your level.

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